Tuesday, 15 July 2008

More time in Ottawa

Ashley and I drove back to Ottawa on Saturday to see the boys and enjoy the weekend with family. We had fun at the Museum of Civilization they had a great Children's section and the best part was the IMAX theater most of us watched the movie on Sea Monsters. It was about ...oh I'd say 2 minutes into the film when the swimming dinosaurs were eating sharks you really feel like they are coming at you when James just about lost it and jumped over a zillion people to get out of there while screaming. I had to chase after him and calm him down. This is the boy that absolutely loves the movie JAWS. My six year old enjoyed every last minute of it he stayed until the end with his cousins.

Here's some pictures i took the last few days my niece, nephews and second cousins.

This weekend was also fun i had a reunion with an old friend Elissa she is so sweet and our boys are the same age. They really enjoyed swimming together in my parents pool.

Having this much fun lately doesn't leave for much therapy time for Ashley. Which makes me feel a little guilty but she did get some swimming in and lots of attention from grammy and grampy instead. Tomorrow we are catching up for having a number of days off with 2 appointments for Ashley.


Melissa Miller said...

Poor James! You never know what they will take in and what will flow right past them.
As for missing therapy, let the guilt go. Rest is an essential part of therapy and family is an essential part of life. You are doing an extraordinary job as the mother of a child with extraordinary needs. You needed the trip to Ottawa as much as she did. Maybe more!
How great to see Elissa again! I remember her.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of all our boys together...too bad it only took 8 years!