Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Happy Birthday James

Today my oldest turned 9 years old. I can't believe it's been that long since he was born. He is growing up so fast he wanted a skateboard for his birthday, we got him a Rip Stik. My mom came and made him a money cake decorated to look like a volcano. It was a big hit. My parents gave him and his brother pogo sticks which they loved. They bounced around for close to 2 hours after school i couldn't believe it entertained them for that long. The Rip Stik is going to take some time to learn but Daddy enjoyed testing it out and James is excited about it.

James I hope you enjoyed your special day. Mom and Dad thanks for coming all this way to help celebrate. I couldn't have made his day so special without all your help.

James cake:

My parents and my four amazing kids. Ashley was a little uncomfortable today as she is still fighting her ear infections, Taylor's sleepy and the boys can't wait to get those presents open in the photo below.

The fun learning to POGO around.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!!! Blink and Taylor will be nine and James will be graduated from highschool, now there's something to think on....

Sorry, that's where my mind goes everytimg I think of my baby. (my almost 13 year old girl)

Melissa Miller said...

Happy birthday big guy! I hope we get to see you this summer.
Melissa, Evelyn, Kirk, and Madelaine