Monday, 15 June 2009

Another week another illness

Well Ashley has been managing to stay on the healthy side for a little while however I'm just getting over my second case of STREP throat. Hey i just had it 3 weeks ago the same time as Ashley so I wasn't due for any illness. I've already had my fare share 2 cases of mastitis and 2 case of strep now in the last 5 weeks it's a bit much for me. I've finished off a big bottle of tylenol I only purchased last month. (it's suppose to be safe when breastfeeding I certainly hope so!!)

My job doesn't have sick days not sure why not because at times they are badly needed. As I'm suppose to clean the house, make lunches drop off and pick up kids, change diapers, feed and play with kids with a fever of 102. Silly me I still tried to do my best I never cancelled any of Ashley therapy appointments just play and cleaning was pretty much non existent but everything else had to happen. I'm feeling better again thank god!!! However now I have a house badly in need of cleaning, a mountain of laundry and I'm hoping there isn't another infection waiting for me around the corner.

This weekend with two days of antibiotics in me i managed to take Ashley and Taylor to Naomi's Birthday party she is Ashley's nurse daughter she was so cute and very pleased Ashley was able to attend. Naomi and her sister sat had lunch and played with Ashley for quite some time until their Daddy arrived and he was more popular with the girls. It was really nice. Taylor also got a lot of attention from Sarah's mom and aunts.

I also took James to a local Canoe Club for an open house he got some Kayak lesson and was able to go kayaking for about an hour he loved it. The coach told James he was a nature. That comment and the speed of the boat had James hooked he is very excited to go to their camp this august. They train rowers there year round and I'm thinking perhaps this is a great sport for James to work off some of his energy and have some fun. Silly me I didn't bring my camera to this event so no photos to share but he looked great out there on the Kayak.


Michelle said...

Oh Sherry, you poor girl. Hang in there sister, praying for you.

BusyLizzyMom said...

No wonder you have ahd Strep Throat twice you are not getting enough rest running around after all your kiddos. I can't even imagine how busy your house must be.
Look after yourself,

SuzanneNoor said...

You poor darlıng I wıll be prayıng for you hope you have NO more ıllnesses anywhere ın your future. Glad to hear about Ashleys grad every step ıs bıg so congrats.... Take care! wıth hugs from Turkey....