Thursday, 13 August 2009

Camp Olympia

James loved Kayak and Canoe camp this week and is very excited to be going to Camp Olympia next week for Basketball camp it's a real workout. He is suppose to be conditioning prior to going to camp with 15 each of push ups, sit ups and stride jumps followed by a 25 minute run/bike or swim all this x3 sets. He's not quite there yet but can probably do 1.5 sets of that kayak camp has helped. At Camp Olympia he will be working out 5 to 6 hours a day can you image that? He is so excited too.

We have been shopping all week in preparation he needed some new stuff, a disposable camera, flash light, basketball shoes and a tracksuit. James seem to really enjoy these shopping trips. The boys summer has been pretty great so far Damon was out on the greens today practicing his swing. They are turning into athletes that is for sure and loving it to.

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Melissa Miller said...

I'm tired just reading! Good for James. If he doesn't love it at least he'll sleep well!