Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Earache, earache go away!

Well looks like Ashley virus  from last week has moved to her ear and now she is on antibiotics again.  This is her fourth ear infection this year, I'm not pleased.  She seemed better Sunday and monday and attended a party and school.  After waking from a very long nap yesterday she couldn't stop crying and poking at her right ear.  I knew right away she was going to need antibiotics.  So after school I took all four to the clinic and we came home with amoxicilin.  

Taylor cold is sticking around too but it doesn't seem to be bothering him he's happy and energized despite the runny nose.  Both my husband and I  also seem to have this cold now too.   The cold and flu season didn't take anytime to hit our house this year.


Michelle said...

Ick, ick ick. I have sick kids too. It just never seems to end sometimes does it? Hope all of you are feeling better soon!

SuzanneNoor said...

Sucky illnesses. Wish they would just disappear forever! Hoping you guys all feel better very quickly!

You should ask your doctor about alternatives like peroxide or rubbing alcohol in her ears.... peroxide is safe as long as a person does not have a perforated ear drum (in which case it can be VERY bad), which is why its definately important to ask - but Orhan & I rinse our ears like once a month with peroxide. It doesn't hurt but the fizzling sounds really loud when it's right in your ear... and I remember a girl who used to have chronic ear infections until she was about 9 years old when one Ear Doc told her that she had swimmers ear (doesn't dry up quickly enough when wet and so fosters infection) - and that she should use rubbing alcohol regularly to "dry it up". I have no idea how it feels though and what dangers might be involved, so it's also worth asking a doctor about.

P.S. - I started the parenting class on Wednesday, looks like a good one, Mehmed doesn't start Dino School till next Wednesday but I am sure he will like it - we met the coordinators and they explained it to us, sounds like a very positive & fun experience...

Take care cuz, hope you all feel better soon!

Living In Aurora Blogger said...

Ouch, I got so paranoid when children get sick. I remember when my son got sick first time when he was nine months, it was kind of scary. Nice children you have. Anna.