Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My Little Ones

My Ashley

After a busy day at school monday within seconds of getting in the car. The girl likes her naps.

I hope tomorrow she will have enough energy to make it until 2:30. 

Guess who is sneaking up here...

  It's Taylor 

This was taken maybe an hour  ago.  After a busy day of peekaboo.  He likes falling asleep next to me while I read each evening then I  move him to his crib.  Bad habit but he is so cute and loves to cuddle up with his mamma.  We read his books too, his favorite is bright baby Trucks. 
 I love this time too. 

Now I'm back to my book... I've read a good bit of The Space Between Us and it's very interesting to me but I've set it aside  as I have to read Open by Andre Agassi for my book club and actually I think I'm going to enjoy this one as well.  So I'm signing off to curl up with Andre .

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