Saturday, 12 March 2011

Remembering Zack

I met Heather a real life super mom and her precious son Zack  not long ago when he was due for his g-tube surgery we connected instantly realizing  we were on similar  paths raising our very special kids.  Heather had high expectations for her son and family life and Zack just shined and lived up to it all.  A truly amazing family.  The past week feels like a bad dream to me.

My heart broke to hear  Zack's fighting for his life then the post no one wants to see. Zack is amongst the angels.   Heather has been so open and brave to share Zack's story he will never be forgotten.  He has touched so many. My thoughts stray to his beautiful smile each day.  I'm hugging Ashley a little tighter.   I pray for peace and strength for this family.  Stop by Heather's blog to read her touching tribute to her beloved Zack.

Consider a donation in Zack's name to Sickkids it means so much too this family to give back. 


Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

Dear Sherry, that is oh so sad, I'm so sorry to hear about Zack not making it, I think I'll be hugging Oatie a bit tighter too tonight. I brought me to tears reading your post, it's what we all dread... Thats just so very sad, please send his family some hugs from us. love Mel xxx

CC said...

Hugs to Zack's family :( :(