Monday, 25 April 2011

What a day

Saturday afternoon I headed out with just 2 kids for a change Damon and Ashley. Two kids was a fun change of pace especially these two.  We headed over to the mall to exchange a duplicate Lego set Damon got for his birthday.   At the mall we were surprised to see that kids could decorate flower pots for easter.

It was fun to help Ashely and Damon make these ...

 It would have been nice to have her wheel chair for this activity.  But she sat on my lap and helped select her stickers.
Beautiful final product  and  so sweet that this was free of charge flowers and all!   Plants don't live long inside my house hopefully I can care for them long enough until they can be replanted outside.  Where they will do much better under my husbands green thumb. 

On the Move.

After the mall we headed out to a local community program for kids with disabilities called "On the move"  it was too much fun. Ashley actually laughed so hard she fell over backwards got back up and kept on laughing.  Just another sweet day for my girl who is truly too cute for words so you will have to just watch...

On the move! from Sherry C on Vimeo.
Love that the city offers gym time and activities for special needs kids so much fun was had.Hula Hoops, bubbles, stepping stones, balls and so much more.


Shirley said...

Too cute. She has such a big smile on her face. Great seeing you guys that day.

SuzanneNoor said...

Wow Sherry I love the giggles. She's doing great with that walker too! And congrats on the ipad btw ;)

SuzanneNoor said...

Wow Sherry, I love the giggles, and she's doing amazing with that walker! Good job & congrats on winning the ipad ;)