Monday, 3 October 2011

A treadmill work out

September passed by in a total blur for me even though three kids where in school full time there was no time to blog.  My  days are filled with phone calls and meetings.   There seems to be something on my calendar each evening too. Ashley's doing fabulously with the new schedule and managed very nicely to give up her naps she is actually sleeping 12 hours each night which leaves her very happy and  giggling each day.  Dropping the nap seems to work really nicely.

Last week  Ashley had back to back OT and PT at CTN.  It was honestly much more then I expected and Ashley loved it.  She was on the treadmill for 15 minutes straight and they kept speeding it up from 0.4 miles an hour to 0.8 miles an hour at the end her feet were moving at a nice pace and she was smiling the entire time.   I take her on a treadmill at home but I never challenged her to move her feet that fast and she would have short breaks at home as my arms would get tired just supporting her.   Mommy needs to get in shape.    I was surprised to see how easily she handled the faster speeds and her heart rate was good the entire time.  

She also crawled up a hill, worked on balance on the trampoline, crawled across a very big bean bag walked along the parallel bars and laterally along the edge of a table. Perhaps a few other things I'm forgetting too.   It was  a great workout  and all this following a session of OT, plus a morning at school too. 

OT was very busy too with targeted drawing, throwing, stacking and locating beads in putty.    I have a feeling  her new OT had more tricks up her sleeve if there was more time as there was a few washroom breaks but it was really great. Ashley has not had  OT since preschool.  I feel this session was long overdue and with guidance and practise I'm sure Ashley's  fine motor skills will improve.  

Ashley is already looking forward to returning CTN this week. 

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