Thursday, 26 March 2009

Happy Birthday Ashley

My princess is 4 years old!

Ashley I'm so proud of you! You are so determined and really making amazing progress everyone that knows you is so impressed. I hope you love eating your chocolate rainbow cake that Sarah made for you . Enjoy all your new presents mommy and daddy had fun selecting for you.

We would have thrown you a big party but with the new baby coming so soon we thought it best to just celebrate with your brothers. We love and adore you and enjoy every moment we have with you as you are a true blessing! I feel so incredibly lucky to be your mommy and can't think of a better job in the entire world.

Happy Birthday Ashley!


Anonymous said...

That goes double, Ashley, from Grammy and Grampy. Can't wait to see you next weekend and shower you with 4,000 hugs and kisses.


BusyLizzyMom said...

Happy Birthday Ashley. I didn't realize her and Elizabeth were that close in age.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday, Ashley! I didn't realize either that she and Jackson's birthdays were so close. I LOVE her cake - so cute!