Sunday, 8 March 2009

She's still eating!

Well this weekend was pretty quite we lost an hour due to the time change and it's now close to 10 pm and Ashley just went to sleep way later then normal. She still eating and managing to have 4 meals a day 8am, noon, 4pm and 8pm. I'm so thrilled. Yesterday she had pie after dinner i was so surprised she liked it as it was lemon meringue pie 90 cal/ 2 tablespoons. Lucky she had some or I would have finished the whole thing myself the boys were not interested in it. I guess it wasn't chocolaty enough for them. My husband only had one small piece and it's all gone now so baby and I enjoyed it all. I've eating right along side Ashley and cooking with more butter, cheese and cream then ever before. Oh well at least I'm eating for two. My oldest did tell me today that not only was my belly growing so was my back side. I'm normally thin even after my third so I'm not really worried. However i probably never cooked with some many calories before. If Ashley gains weight it's all worth it.

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