Thursday, 20 May 2010

A busy thursday for Ashley

Look what my girl did in kindergarten she tenderly planted and carefully watered this seed and  she grew...

Remember a few weeks ago on earth day  it looked like this.

Ashley was busy today with Augmentative Speech followed by physiotherapy.  She did great at both in speech she read a Mayer Johnson interactive books with picture cards built in.  During the story her therapist asked her to find specific picture cards out of a choice of four and she was able to locate the crayons, toys and clothing on request. She didn't find the toothbrush. Maybe I should let her brush her own teeth more I'm usually in there doing it for her.  Overall she did great.

 I love when she can show us what she knows it's so fun.  I kept her busy she had to eat snack while doing this because we were off to physiotherapy  over the lunch hour and she can't go that long without eating.  She didn't get a break today and fell asleep in her lunch at 1:30.  Can you say over-scheduled for 5 years old.  That's how life with special needs goes.

I forget to bring my camera to phsysiotherapy as we were rushing so I have no photos of that it's too bad to because she was shinning.

Here's a look at her brothers baby curls. They are so cute and of  all 4 kids he is the only one with my curly hair so I just love it.  He also enjoys Augmentative Speech and want to get his hands on the fun books.

I had to share this as well,  look what  James created this week for a 4th grade Food Chain project. I think he did pretty good with it.


Candace said...

That's great that she can do all that! What sweet baby curls....And what a nice, neat project!

Michelle said...

Totally awsome!! Love the plant and all the wonderful things Ashley is showing you.