Tuesday, 7 December 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

There has been plenty of snow the last few days and my husband and oldest son spent much of the weekend hanging all these lights. 

I was busy inside with the tree.  I decided to play it safe and leave a number of  fragile ornaments in the basement  this year with little Taylor around but it still looks like our tree.  James wanted to know why it didn't look like anything he saw in the Canadian Tire flyer with all the co-ordinating decorations.  Well it's nothing like Martha Stewart but I still love it especially the decorations made by my kids. I can't wait for Santa.

A good friend of mine MightyMum  wanted to know more about Ashley's Agreement Award.   The school has a tribes program which works to promote Inclusion a sense of belonging, Influence - valuing differences and Community - working together.  Students that demonstrated they treated each other in these manners are recognized monthly from each classroom at a school assembly.  It's really nice way to promote respect and social skills amongst the students.  We treat this as a big deal at home too and usually make a cake to celebrate the award.  

Ashley received her award in November  for these reasons in particular.

  1. She participates in EVERYTHING!  That's a big deal for my girl and it says a lot for Ashley and her teachers.  She's so blessed to be in this class.   She has really grown from last year where she barely made it through the morning without nodding off  or needing a break and now she's eating lunch with her peers and staying until the end of the day not evening needing breaks.  This is totally amazing progress.
  2. She also received it for being KIND to everyone. 
  3. And for fabulous listening! 
She's doing great!  MightlyMum thanks for asking!

Today I was feeling even more festive after mailing off a couple of  Baby's 1st Christmas Stockings to BusyLizzyMom's.  Take a minute to read her post about how she plans to lift the spirits of new Moms and Dads at the NICU this Christmas.  I just had to help her out with this one. 

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BusyLizzyMom said...

We received the stockings yesterday. They are perfect, I had been looking for them and did not have any luck finding them. We are pretty excited about all the gifts we had collected.
Your contributions have made Christmas a little more easier for families whose child is in the NICU.
Thank you.