Monday, 23 June 2008


Reduce Tube Feeding in order to increase appetite and desire to eat. Slow and painful process this is and it requires lots of patience and anixety meds (recommended for mommies attempting this). I love to get Ashley eating again but in order to do this she has to be hungry and considering she has been fed a round the clock since she was born she might not even recognize the feeling I've been told. I've ordered as many books on this topic as I can find. And I'm excited to start feeding her again i hope she doesn't hold out too long .. i plan to cook up as much yummy food as i can and let her play and hopefully lick smell and ultimately eat something.

At dinner she was reaching for my glass of milk. She enjoyed a slip and made a little mess as well. But we all cheered when she drank some it was great. This would be neater with water but that won't have any calories now would it. Sippy cups also less messy but t0 difficult to use.

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