Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Really Blogging

I realized that if I'm ever going to actually have an active blog i better just start writing about the here and now. Way too much has happen over the last three years to do it justice with my writing skills anyways.

So June 2008 it has been very crazy to say the least Ashley has had a minimum 7 to 8 appointments every week for the last 3 weeks going on a 4th week of that now. Today i booked two after school playdates for James at the same time .. so i think i have to slow it down just a little and keep better track of who is coming and going. I took Ashley to see Ramon Cuevas (CME medek therapy creator and amazing man) last week he just oozes optimism and is loving and caring. We are going back to see him tomorrow and I can't wait. Ashley also started a block of augmentative communication with PECS and a switch she gets it but it's still going to take some time .....just the feeling i have so far.. But best of all because i begged and cried her therapist who is helping us with the PECS spends 10 mins at the end of each session on PROMPT therapy which means she is showing Ashley how to make P sounds with her lips with tactile kinestheic input.(guiding her lips in the correct shape) .. after showing ashley the P sounds a number of times and saying Ashley turn.. Ashley formed the P sound with her lips and she tried to make the noise boy did she surprise her therapist. Who was doing the PROMPT stuff i believe only because i broke down crying and begging for it. To say the least i was totally delighted and knew she could do it!!!!

We also visited endocrinolgy and learned that Ashley is 3 s.d (standard deviation) off the average height of a 3 year old and 4 s.d off the average weight of 3 year old. They were concerns more about her weight then height which is the norm for all the docs we see. 4 sd is about 7-8 pounds. But I'm getting used to fact that she going to thin and didn't get to worked about it despite seeing the concern in the doctors face.

She is sitting beautifully straight as can be rarely falls over unless she wants to and loves her new red TrippTrapp chair especially the fact that she sitting at the table with her brothers rather then in a high chair. It's so nice. wish i new how to add pictures here because i think this calls for one.

My boys are loving baseball and have no trouble getting on to base and James has even hit a home run. Was he ever thrilled it was so exciting to see.

That's about it for now .. I'll post about Ashley attempt at a reduce tube feed calorie diet in order to get her oral in take increase next time. That is a story in itself.

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Melissa Miller said...

Now that was a blog! Way to go! I'll call you later and teach you how to add pictures.