Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Fun with Cousins

I guess I'm behind on my blogging as we have no Internet up at the cottage with the third post today I'm catching up. This is what kept us busy last Friday prior to going up north. Fun with cousins visiting from overseas. Time with these girls is very precious as it only happens annually hopefully they will relocate closer to us soon. The same continent would be wonderful Mighty Mom. I promise to visit you at your home if it's in North America.

So cute!
Ashley is trying to keep up with the girls !!!
This one is growing up i remeber when she was just a baby.


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Lori said...

About the music, just go to playlist.com and set up your own little music list and they'll give you a code. After you copy the code, paste it in one of your new page elements in 'Layout' (I think it's the one that says 3rd party function). Anyway good luck! I love Ashley's hair!