Sunday, 31 August 2008

Snakes and Wood

This weekend up at Balsam Lake my hubby worked hard rebuilding a fence between our cottage and the neighbours. It looked really good at the end he works hard and had the post in and painted by noon the first day. He was off to the lumber store and completed the job minus the paint which is a project for another weekend. The boys enjoyed assisting in holding up the fence boards for Daddy and off course enjoyed nailing them in.

What the boys enjoyed even more then the wood work was the water snake that we observed while swimming at the lake. This snake appears to have made a home in our boat house and James was thrilled. Daddy on the other hand was a nervous wreck that they even wanted to check it out.
James has a thing for reptiles and couldn't get close enough but did refrain from picking it up seeing as Daddy was very nervous about snake bites.

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