Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Ashley's hair was getting in her mouth and eyes so I thought she was really due for some styling. Having her hair cut is something I wasn't really looking forward too as her hair is so beautiful.

When she was just two days old they had to shave part of her beautiful newborn hair to place an IV on her scalp. It was shocking to come into the NICU and see the IV where her beautiful strawberry blond hair was i had no idea they even put IV on heads at the time. This is something they have to resort to sometimes as little ones hands and arms are so small.

After that initial hair cut i become very attached to her beautiful hair and now at 3 1/2 only started to feel it was time to maybe tame her hair a little. We headed out to Melonhead this afternoon and this cut wasn't as painful for mommy as the first and she enjoyed it for the most part.

Before picture:

She enjoyed it..
The after picture still just as beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Melonheads is so great isn't it? Noah had his first haircut done there in June. I felt the same attachment to his hair and even felt a bit guilty afterwards. A lady at the park one day asked me if he was a girl or boy so that my my cue to cut. :D

Anonymous said...

She is looking so cute with her new hair style. and the picture of her sitting in the chair at the salon is so nice, she looks so grown up in it. very nice.


Anonymous said...

It looks as though Ashley really enjoyed getting her hair done, as every girl do!
I am liking the new hair cut, I think it looks very cute!