Thursday, 2 April 2009

Little one has his/her own schedule

Well it's been 2 days since I called in my parents and rushed down to the hospital and baby has yet to arrive. I had few contractions yesterday but they were infrequent and mild so we are just waiting now. I'm in the car now with my husband heading down to see my OB for my 37 week check up. It's so nice to have my mom around to help out it makes things so much easier. My Dad decided to head back home and return when baby arrives as he has to work. I'm hoping the doctor will have a Chrystal ball and tell when this is going to happen. But I know the best things in life are worth waiting for so I just have to be patient.

My boys have been so cute lately Damon really wants another sister who he would name Krista. James wants a brother he can teach football and basketball to and is welcome to share his room as long as bunk beds are involved. He would name his new brother Jake.

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Michelle said...

C'mon baby, your Momma wants to hold you in her arms!!

Sherry C said...

I sure do Michelle. I wasn't in a rush for my little one to arrive last week. I was original hoping for after easter and now I'm excited and anxious. I can't wait to hold and cuddle my new little one. And most importantly hear the all important words he or she is healthy.