Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Loud 1st day for little ears.

Well the first day is over and I'm happy to have all three home now. The new found free time went by very quickly for me.

Here's some photos of Ashley and Sarah at The Little School House. Ashley easily manged to pull her name tag off a few times really nice fine motor skills.

Ashley was happy at school until the noise level raised above her comfort zone. She really not all that comfortable with noise despite living with two brothers. You would assume two boys are relatively loud but yelling isn't acceptable at this house so for the most part it is pretty quite here.
Sarah her nurse and aid at school told me she settles down quickly when the noise level did but as soon as it started up she was in tears. Groups of people clapping is one thing she is not really comfortable with. The kids clapped frequently and Sarah had to take Ashley out of the room a few times as she was getting really worked up, which leads to vomiting at times, not pretty. Lucky it didn't come to this. I'm sure Ashley will need a number of weeks to adjust to nursery school. Sarah and I are going to be patient and maybe I will practice some clapping with her brothers at home.
At the nursery school they only have a regular toilet i guess most 2 and 3 year olds don't need a smaller seat. Ashley was way too small for the toilet she tried it today and she could fall right in. I learned that i can bring a potty chair for her but have to bring it back and forth every time. I can't leave it there for some reason.. i guess for hygiene reason. I'll be carrying it in and out as well as her and her backpack which sounds silly to me but necessary i guess. I know this is a small problem though.

Damon had a great day loved his class and his teacher he has the same teacher as his brother did for grade one. James also likes his teacher and class a lot so i think everything went very well.

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