Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Cross Country Running

Now that James is in 4th grade he is allowed to join a number of teams at school, this fall they offered Cross country running.  This was a sport I excelled in  when I was a child so I talked it up a lot and he was very eager to join.  He has been training with the team every lunch hour for the last month or so.  Today was the big race it was fun to go and cheer him on.  It was was very fast paced he placed 95th there was many kids in the race and not sure he inherited my running genes.  However he was thrilled he enjoyed every minute of it and says he can't wait to do it again next year !!!    I'm so proud of him he also brought home 4 test for me sign this week he had perfect on three and an A on the forth. Talk about a good start seems like something has changed for him and I think it's that he's matured.   It's so nice to be getting all this positive stuff happening at school.  He tells me he is even walking away from conflict on the school yard when kids are playing too rough!

For all this good stuff we are rewarding him with a book  ( Diary of a Wimpy Kid book 4) he can't wait to read it. He can't get enough of books!   I'm going to pick it up tomorrow!
Okay I'm going to stop bragging about him now.   I just couldn't resist.


Michelle said...

That's great Sherry! Bethany ran cross country in 7th grade and I loved it! It was a big challenge for her and she never placed (most of the time she was last) I think it is a great sport and hope he continues on it!!

Anonymous said...

James I only wish we could have been there to see the race, maybe next year. Great Run.

Grammy and Granpy