Monday, 26 October 2009

Flu is stopping by for a visit.

Getting by the last two days  with  both  my hubby and James  fighting fevers,  along with aches and pains, it looks and sounds a lot  like flu to me.  Scary stuff around here but so far no one else is sick and they were well enough to eat small meals, freezies and drink.  My husband is fine spending the day up in our bedroom however that's harder for James he naps up there  but once the tylenol kicks in he wants to be down stairs with us but was willing to sit on the far couch.   I hope his germs didn't reach his siblings.

Another downer the weather man says it's going to rain for Halloween. still early but 60% chance.  I hope the forecast is wrong it's so much fun to go trick or treating with them.  Ashley has a number of friends on the street I like to take her out as well but not in the rain.

More exciting news Taylor is sitting up already at 6 months, it so cool to see him play at the fisher price piano upright and unsupported.   It's truly  amazing to me after watching his sister struggle and struggle with this skill  it took her 28 long months and hundreds of  hours of therapy to achieve sitting.  I can't take anything Taylor learns to do for granted now and I'm so pleased for my little guy.

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Colleen said...

Oh no, I hope your everyone feels better and the flu doesn't spread to the rest of the kiddos! That's great news that Taylor is sitting and a reason to celebrate!