Friday, 16 October 2009

My smart cookie!

I went with Ashley to JK this morning to meet with the school physiotherapist (PT) (who is also the school's occupation therapist (OT) ). In the real world this would be two separate professionals but here in the Canadian school system a PT is acting as both PT/OT.   She seems very qualified to do both roles I just would love it to be two people not sure why perhaps then Ashley would get more help.

We reviewed her one hand walking with Ashley's Educational Assistant as well as  walking with the walker.  Her EA seems comfortable doing both so Ashley's  getting great practice with  both types of walking each day at school which will really help her reach her goals of independent walking.

We also talked about getting Ashley a better chair for the classroom that can go very low so she sits with her peers at classroom work tables and also raises high enough  for her to work at the classrooms smartboard.  The school is also planning on ordering her a computer and switch which will act as a mouse and some software which will work on literacy skills. We are having another meeting to discuss the computer  and software in early november and I hope  to attend that meeting  as well.  I was told that I will likely get a copy of the software so she can practise at home  on her alternate days.

The PT also suggested we use a product similar to floam to wrap around chalk, crayons or markers to help her learn to make marks on paper or learn to  scribble.

They are also going to teach her to  tear paper , I was thinking perhaps tissue paper.  She spends tones of time now reading her books now and has never torn a page I don't think she has the strength or perhaps just needs to be shown how.    It should be fun to help her learn this I hope she won't tear her beloved books  after that.

Her  teacher  also told me today that she was able to use her eye  gaze communication to select requested numbers and she  found both number  1 and 2 on request with her eyes and followed thru by picking up the correct number!  That was as far as they got due to time so she is 2 for 2! 

She is also finishing everything sent  for snacktime  and i should send more food.  Image that from my skinny girl who just learn to eat back in March!!    I need to send more then 2 fudgeoos and oreos.  (I send fruit too but she loves the cookies and they have more calories!)

Next week she is going to attempt  staying for pizza lunch at school with her class on wednesday.


BusyLizzyMom said...

I am dreading when Elizabeth gets into school as the services are slim to none now.
It is nice to see that they are looking at all her needs and following it through. I really should have a more positive outlook on when Elizabeth starts school but I am so afraid all the hard she has done to get ready will not be carried on.
That is great she is eating so well at school. You must be so proud.

DL NELSON said...

Sherry every time I read of Ashley's progress I want to cry with tears of joy, and I've never met you, just know you through Mighty Mom.

Both of you women are incredible people.