Friday, 8 February 2008

Ashley's 2nd year

Next month I'll be planning Ashley's third birthday and I can't wait to celebrate it. Her second year has gone by so quickly she made such amazing gains. Last year just before her 2nd birthday she was fitted for an Otto Bock feeding chair and special needs stroller. She could not support herself sitting in her high chair and would keel over to one side or the other she really need the side supports offered by the special needs seating. She also was fitted for a stander which holds her up in a standing position for weight bearing which was very important for her bones and muscles she was spending a lot of time lying on her back since she could sit up. She also had surgery for a feeding tube and I returned to work 3 days a week. That really was a lot for mommy and daddy and especially mommy ..the ever optimistic side of me never really wanted to admit hard it was but it was very emotional. I wanted everything for my little girl and birthdays can be little hard for some reason as she wasn't one anymore she was two and should be sitting and eating and walking.

The concern i felt on her birthday i wasn't going to dwell on too long instead i felt i had to take action and seek out more help for Ashley. At 25 months we purchased her first Nordic track tread mill, i made many calls for weekly OT therapy to ensure it continued and tried to tell myself my job was important and necessary. We focused on feeding and physio the days i didn't work she went for physio she has the best therapists. We would also squeezed in OT, Feeding or Speech after physio and she would fall asleep during her second therapy session of the day so it wasn't working to well. After about six months of working i knew i couldn't continue to leave Ashley for three days a week to work it didn't sit well with me she needed mommy and more time that was the best change ever.