Tuesday, 7 December 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

There has been plenty of snow the last few days and my husband and oldest son spent much of the weekend hanging all these lights. 

I was busy inside with the tree.  I decided to play it safe and leave a number of  fragile ornaments in the basement  this year with little Taylor around but it still looks like our tree.  James wanted to know why it didn't look like anything he saw in the Canadian Tire flyer with all the co-ordinating decorations.  Well it's nothing like Martha Stewart but I still love it especially the decorations made by my kids. I can't wait for Santa.

A good friend of mine MightyMum  wanted to know more about Ashley's Agreement Award.   The school has a tribes program which works to promote Inclusion a sense of belonging, Influence - valuing differences and Community - working together.  Students that demonstrated they treated each other in these manners are recognized monthly from each classroom at a school assembly.  It's really nice way to promote respect and social skills amongst the students.  We treat this as a big deal at home too and usually make a cake to celebrate the award.  

Ashley received her award in November  for these reasons in particular.

  1. She participates in EVERYTHING!  That's a big deal for my girl and it says a lot for Ashley and her teachers.  She's so blessed to be in this class.   She has really grown from last year where she barely made it through the morning without nodding off  or needing a break and now she's eating lunch with her peers and staying until the end of the day not evening needing breaks.  This is totally amazing progress.
  2. She also received it for being KIND to everyone. 
  3. And for fabulous listening! 
She's doing great!  MightlyMum thanks for asking!

Today I was feeling even more festive after mailing off a couple of  Baby's 1st Christmas Stockings to BusyLizzyMom's.  Take a minute to read her post about how she plans to lift the spirits of new Moms and Dads at the NICU this Christmas.  I just had to help her out with this one. 

Friday, 3 December 2010

An Award and a few other sweet mentions

It's been busy but here's a few things I had to share. My sweet girl received an agreement award from school this week.  Her brothers heard her name announced at the assembly and were proud. She was pretty pleased with it too.

 I've raised the scale now for future years with these. 

Our local supermarket only had Tinkerbell advent calendars which only worked for Ashley.   I hit Longos and found Kindersurprise and Lindt version for her brothers. Too good to be true. Yum!

Damon was impressed

No smile he tells me it's the formal look but note the thumbs up which means he likes the Lindt goodies!

My dad wasn't so well last week so I traveled to Ottawa for a few days to give him and Grammy some hugs.

I was brave and drove with the younger ones by myself and a day later the rest joined us traveling by train.  Here's my boys at the Ottawa train station.

Augmentative Communication and Homework  - having fun with it all.
Ashley homework this past weekend was fill in the blank on the 5 senses.  I had to figure out how to fill in the blanks with my non-verbal girl but with the help of Mr Potato Head and picture communication.  she did a great job.

This was taken when we where part way through.
 Ashley working on her senses with Sarah.

I couldn't leave out this pictures of my little guy looking too cute at physio.

and Sarah the best nurse 

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Single Plan of Care - Fall Video of Ashley's Progress

Today my husband and I attended Ashley's Single Plan of Care team meeting. It is always amazing  to me to see just how many people help and care for my little girl.

 Ashley's  making great progress across the board  in communication she is reaching for her picture cards rather then using eye gaze, she making lines on the page now and holding a pencil better compared to just dabbing with the marker last year,  she is doing some feeding with a spoon and fork at times, and slowly and steadily progressing with her  motor skills.  I prepared this video to show her team how much work she is doing outside of school in therapy have a look.  I'm so proud of her.

Photo and video editing at www.OneTrueMedia.com

Ashley's fabulous Team!

Yesterday Ashley also received her PODD!

Ashley also was given this new voice a communication book... pretty impressive and it has to travel with her at all times.  A lot of thought was put into this and we are going to do out best to help her learn to communicate with it.  It has many sections to give her lots of reason to talk to us.

fyi PODD is a Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display
This book isn't exactly Dynamic like the Dynavox or iPad but hopefully if she learns this system well an iPad will be in her future.  Someday she will be giving speeches just like Stephen Hawkings!   Wish me luck this task is just a bit overwhelming to say the least but I can't let her down and her voice is so valuable. 

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Daddy was Mommy for the day! - OACRS

Today I went to the OACRS annual conference  (Ontario Association of Children's Rehabilitations Services).  This meant Daddy was in charge packing lunches, getting the kids dressed and out the door.   Ashley arrived at school on time for a nice change I'm usually running late and he literally played with Taylor all day.  He even packed all four kids in the car and headed to hippo therapy after school.  I'm pretty sure he was glad to see me home when they arrived back just in time for  baths and bedtime.

I on the other hand got to drink coffee and chat with adults uninterrupted, even go the bathroom without a one year old in tow.  What a change of pace for me.

Best part of the day was listening to Spencer West from metowe  speak  he knows how to overcome obstacles having lost both his legs at the age of five, stay positive and give back to the world.   He is building schools in Kenya and India with youth and spreading a message about being the change you want to be in the world.   He inspired everyone in that room to want to reach out and help others and appreciate all that we have.  He was also very open about his difficulties in childhood spoke to the therapist and parents in the room about what it's like to grow up with these challenges and all that therapy from a child's point of view.  He was just fabulous,  so I just  had to blog about him ...

I also learned about Advocating at school and of a number of other great programs being run in other treatment centres across Ontario.  It pays to know what's  out there then you can be really demanding of the best possible programing and treatment services for my girl.   Best of all I'm going back tomorrow to Day 2 of OACRS and the Keynote Speaker is  Dr Charles Pascal.

Spencer West was encouraging and inspiring but here's my number one  inspiration my girl! I'm working on a new video of her latest tricks such as hippo therapy and swimming.  If you haven't  seen my last video of her last spring check it out but stay tuned for her latest fall tricks coming very soon.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Early halloween fun

My Candy Corn witch celebrating Halloween with her kindergarten class today.

Scary class photo


Making a witch decoration with her EA.

Working on her walking with amazing Ms F.

Beautiful inside and out....

it wouldn't be kindergarten without a story
There was also treats, pumpkin carving and parading around the entire school. It seems almost everyone knew  my Ashley.   Inclusion at it's best Ashley's teachers are fabulous - they even included me today.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Ashley's fall fun

I'm having trouble finding time to keep my blog up lately with my girl's super ramped up schedule besides school  she's doing PT twice, hippotherapy, swimming therapy every week now.   

Ashley has been so amazing on the horse this week she rode for the entire hour.  It really looks like fun. The whole family goes as to early for my husband to come home to watch the boys but he works very close by so he joins us and we all cheer her on.  I think her brothers are a little jealous that they are not riding. 

Today I had the privilege of joining my girl and her class on a trip to the Apple Orchard. The best part of being a stay at home mom going on all these fun trips.    It just smelt so yummy !

and it was just so...

Ashley picking her apple.. eye to the sky and twist....

My Taylor boy does he love Apples this was a great place for him too.

Look at these sweet girls 

The whole class learning how they make Apple cider - then we all got to drink some.

so if you can go  pick some apples it is worth the drive 

Friday, 10 September 2010

My little Diva

Well I loved Ashley's pleated skirt for Day 1 of SK but it was falling to the floor even with the adjustable waist at the tightest. Which meant I ran it back to TCP and found this little dress for her. I think she looked pretty adorable for her second day.  One week down and no sniffles or anything what a great week. Just one note from a teacher but not Ashley's of course that was from one of her not to be named  brothers. I guess it all begins again boy I hope I can make through another year.   It gets easier each year doesn't it or shouldn't it?  

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Senior Kindergarten - It's here

My little girl is in Senior Kindergarten I can't believe how quickly she is growing up.  She enjoyed today that's for sure.

A good breakfast before her first day - eggos and raspberries yum!

Arriving at school she's not smiling in the picture but she was happy - I think she was wondering were Rose was. However her new EA was great too.

The end of the day with her friends waiting for the bell. 

Other exciting news Ashley started swimming therapy and loves it.  She went for the first time tuesday evening and then was up early this morning for school and she was tuckered right out and fell asleep in her dinner this evening.  What a great start to the year! 

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Back to school for my boys

August was pretty busy around my place with the 4 kids home we went to all the local spalshpads a few times and  spent plenty of time at our cottage.  The boys were very happy to be going back to school today I think I'm the only one here sad to see the end of summer.

oh my gosh Grade 5 already

turns out grade 5 came with the don't take my picture attidute 

Thankfully Grade 3 doesn't come with an attidute

Here's a glimpse of where's my teacher first day madness

Ashley starts SK tomorrow but for now I'm very glad this little guy doesn't have to go off to school just yet. 

Back to the old routine, which hopefully includes blogging.  I  missed reading all your blogs I hope to catch up soon now that the kids will be busy in school.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks well worth the trip to New Brunswick to visit this beautiful place by the sea.  

It was a drive from our cottage but worth it. 
My baby boy, sister in law and Blake.

A nice short hike down to the Rocks by the sea.