Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Heart check up today for Ashley

We are heading down to sick kids to see Ashley's Cardiologist and Endocriologist today. She's going to have an echo and an ECG and I believe some bloodwork. I have a feeling the doctors will have something to say about her weight. She growing but not putting any weigt on so I worry she is getting skinnier if that is possible. She likes eating a lot actually but I think all the food goes into her hollow leg or something.

Well I just hope the doctors aren't too concerned.

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Monday, 29 June 2009

Time to Play

I was missing James and Damon this weekend it sure seemed so much quieter around our house without them. Saturday was nice and warm and Ashley got to enjoy her water table and sunday was cooler but we still headed out for a nice walk with Taylor in the back of the Phil&Ted stroller. I love this stroller!

Heading out for a walk on a cool sunday afternoon.

Water and bubble play to keep me busy while my brothers are away.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Schools out and the summer has begun

It's been very busy around my house lately so I've neglected my blog due to lack of time. I'm so proud of my oldest two boys completing grades 3 and grade 1. James was so thrilled when the last bell finally rang he was running around the schoolyard in total delight. It was nice to see him and his brother so excited for the summer.

We also had a great visit from my nephew Blake this week. The three boys had lots of fun together all sleeping together in Damon's room and traveling back to Ottawa with my parents yesterday. Today was the boys first day of Vacation and they spent it swimming in my mom's pool this morning, out for lunch, and then watched the movie UP this afternoon. Doesn't that sound like tons of fun. I'm jealous. Tomorrow they are heading out to the east coast with my parents.

Unfortunately Ashley was sick this week with another ear infection but we caught it right away and started her on antibiotics monday morning. She appears well today with the exception of a runny nose. Even more scary Taylor had a running nose and fever come wednesday i was concerned as he is so young and bad thoughts of RSV ran through my head right away but he clearly he had no signs of respiratory distress and managed to even breast feed problem free. I'm happy to report he's better now just 2 days later.

I even enjoyed a night out on the town last monday Taylor in tow. I had dinner with six of my former co-workers. Most of us are approaching 40 (scary eh) and boy do we lead different lives it was fun hearing everyones stories. Clearly I don't get out much compared to my friends I guess 4 kids will cause that effect but i won't change anything being mom to 4 is the best job in the world and really is fun believe it or not.

Here's a few pics from the week
Ashley exploring her house now that she's moving about. It's so exciting to find her at the front door.

Taylor enjoying some toys

James loves his brother... it's so much fun to have a baby in the house

My kids with their cousin

Breakfast for the last day of school

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Class of 2009

Preschool Graduation! - Already for my baby girl

Ashley you played, danced and sang along side your friends all year. I can't believe how fast the school year has gone by and now you have graduated preschool. I'm so very proud of you. Mommy can't believe your soon starting junior kindergarten this september. The Little School House had a really sweet graduation ceremony this morning for the children in Ashley class here is a short clip from the ceremony.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Another week another illness

Well Ashley has been managing to stay on the healthy side for a little while however I'm just getting over my second case of STREP throat. Hey i just had it 3 weeks ago the same time as Ashley so I wasn't due for any illness. I've already had my fare share 2 cases of mastitis and 2 case of strep now in the last 5 weeks it's a bit much for me. I've finished off a big bottle of tylenol I only purchased last month. (it's suppose to be safe when breastfeeding I certainly hope so!!)

My job doesn't have sick days not sure why not because at times they are badly needed. As I'm suppose to clean the house, make lunches drop off and pick up kids, change diapers, feed and play with kids with a fever of 102. Silly me I still tried to do my best I never cancelled any of Ashley therapy appointments just play and cleaning was pretty much non existent but everything else had to happen. I'm feeling better again thank god!!! However now I have a house badly in need of cleaning, a mountain of laundry and I'm hoping there isn't another infection waiting for me around the corner.

This weekend with two days of antibiotics in me i managed to take Ashley and Taylor to Naomi's Birthday party she is Ashley's nurse daughter she was so cute and very pleased Ashley was able to attend. Naomi and her sister sat had lunch and played with Ashley for quite some time until their Daddy arrived and he was more popular with the girls. It was really nice. Taylor also got a lot of attention from Sarah's mom and aunts.

I also took James to a local Canoe Club for an open house he got some Kayak lesson and was able to go kayaking for about an hour he loved it. The coach told James he was a nature. That comment and the speed of the boat had James hooked he is very excited to go to their camp this august. They train rowers there year round and I'm thinking perhaps this is a great sport for James to work off some of his energy and have some fun. Silly me I didn't bring my camera to this event so no photos to share but he looked great out there on the Kayak.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

My week

It's been a busy week Ashley's Kindergarden teacher and teachers aid for school next year came to visit her at preschool. They are both wonderful, they had some good questions and are looking forward to having Ashley in their classroom. Ashley who has been struggling at preschool had a great day and was mostly smiles. Which was wonderful and a timely change for her I'm sure it's related to her health.

Taylor is now 7 weeks old and so sweet he is awake much more now and enjoys checking out his surroundings. I was brave enough to take all four kids to a good friends birthday party after school on thursday. It was a breeze except for the fact that James got injured playing and we went from the party to the urgent care clinic because he had a cut on in his fore head.
It wasn't too serious they cleaned it with alcohol swaps and taped it closed with special bandages. I even managed to take all 4 of to the clinic as Daddy was on his way home. Daddy met us at the door of the clinic as we were leaving. They were all great at the clinic for the hour wait the loot bags from the party occupied them. James just laid back and let the doctor clean his wound .. he was very brave and didn't mind the alcohol i swear he wouldn't have let me clean his wound that way. I'm starting to feel like i can manage pretty much anything with four kids in tow which is good news because I guess that will be the case few years to come.

This week i also managed to survive another case of the dreaded mastitis and book James for some camps. I'm also ready for summer break.

My girl on a walk this morning to Starbucks

My baby on a walk to pick up his brothers from school yesterday.

The birthday boy with his yummy cup cakes.

Ashley is really moving around and earlier this week I caught her getting close to Taylor she even leaned in and rested her head on him. Like she was cuddling him. I think she is warming up to him.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Things are looking up

My Damon thinks it's warm enough for a bathing suit but it's actually 15C or 60F brrr for june

Taylor is already outgrowing his newborn clothes. The selves are a little short. I even had to buy him size 1 diapers this weekend.
He is growing I know that is good but it's a little sad for mommy.

Ashley feeling better today and was her usual self smiles and giggles at physiotherapy

James has made some great progress on his Rip Stik