Saturday, 6 June 2009

My week

It's been a busy week Ashley's Kindergarden teacher and teachers aid for school next year came to visit her at preschool. They are both wonderful, they had some good questions and are looking forward to having Ashley in their classroom. Ashley who has been struggling at preschool had a great day and was mostly smiles. Which was wonderful and a timely change for her I'm sure it's related to her health.

Taylor is now 7 weeks old and so sweet he is awake much more now and enjoys checking out his surroundings. I was brave enough to take all four kids to a good friends birthday party after school on thursday. It was a breeze except for the fact that James got injured playing and we went from the party to the urgent care clinic because he had a cut on in his fore head.
It wasn't too serious they cleaned it with alcohol swaps and taped it closed with special bandages. I even managed to take all 4 of to the clinic as Daddy was on his way home. Daddy met us at the door of the clinic as we were leaving. They were all great at the clinic for the hour wait the loot bags from the party occupied them. James just laid back and let the doctor clean his wound .. he was very brave and didn't mind the alcohol i swear he wouldn't have let me clean his wound that way. I'm starting to feel like i can manage pretty much anything with four kids in tow which is good news because I guess that will be the case few years to come.

This week i also managed to survive another case of the dreaded mastitis and book James for some camps. I'm also ready for summer break.

My girl on a walk this morning to Starbucks

My baby on a walk to pick up his brothers from school yesterday.

The birthday boy with his yummy cup cakes.

Ashley is really moving around and earlier this week I caught her getting close to Taylor she even leaned in and rested her head on him. Like she was cuddling him. I think she is warming up to him.


Melissa Miller said...

You're my hero! Way to go, Sherry. Big, big hugs!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet. She is such an angle. Great picture of Damon. Tell Damon yes our pool is heated. And is looking good. Brave boy James.


Michelle said...

Yay for Mamma getting out with them all and wow, what a day it turned out to be. Your kiddos are adorable and I LOVE the last pic of Ashley and Talor. They favor a lot!

Jenny said...

Love the pictures! You are a rock star for being able to manage four kids so well!!

Rahila Chughtai said...

Hi Sherry, it was great having all 5 of you a Sulley's birthday. You are a great mom and I really admire the calmness with which you handle your kids. I still feel bad about James' head. Thanks for the nice pic of Sulley with his green cupcakes, he really had a great time.

gail said...

sorry to hear about your strep throat! love the pics! looks like besides the illness, your family is having a good summer.