Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Summer has finally begun and look at the fun already.  We spent time yesterday with much missed cousin that we get to see only once a year.  I adore times like this wish they could happen more often.  We miss you already.   Can't wait to do this again next year Melissa. 

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Schools out!

What a year!
here's a look back
the first day of school this year for the boys

and my girl

 They had the very best teachers which is making me a little sad to see the year end.

 James really matured this year he's grown in so many ways.   His Teacher Mr U was great for him very soft spoken and lots of patients.  I just hope next year James will have a teacher with as much experience. He is off to grade 5 this fall.  He is growing up too fast isn't he.

My Damon he was very lucky to have a super sweet teacher she loves her students so much and oozes with excitement about all the things she is teaching in the classroom.   Her excitement about writing even helped Damon to progress in writing his weakness for sure but he still managed to shine with an appreciation alert for a great piece he wrote.  He learned so much from Ms B this year math science and arts in which he  excels and he made his mama so proud.    I hope all his teachers will be as sweet and caring as this amazing lady is.  Maybe one day Ashley or Taylor will be lucky enough to be in Ms B's class.

My girl I could just go on and on about her team of Mrs G and Mrs L I love them. They have allowed my girl to shine, accepted her and enabled her to make friends, learn and grow just like all the other kids in kindergarden she didn't miss out on anything this year. Ashley finished up today I know she will miss school the next two months I'll try my best to keep her days busy but we will be looking forward to returning to Mrs G class this fall that is for sure. I'm still hoping the school board will change their minds and let Mrs L stay and work with Ashley next year but it's not looking like that is going to happen right now.  Mrs L you will be missed by my girl and her mama that is for sure. 

I can't believe the year is over.  I'm not going to miss the morning routine and getting everyone out the door in a timely manner. I have to admit managing 4 can be challenging for me in the mornings we had our fair share of late stamps on my kids agendas.   Let's hope next year there will be less of these. 

The next two months is going to be packed with fun and lots of FAMILY Time.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Weekend photo story

This weekend by the lake playing with my new Sony Cybershot TX7.  Any mom would love this fun camera.  I took a number of  panoramic photo's and I was surprised to learn I can even post them on blogger.

Our little cottage at the lake

the boys couldn't wait to dive in ... 

once in the water they were happy for hours..

We eat dinner here looking out at the lake
 on all sides as we are on a point. 
 Then the boys beg us to play monoploy. 

Ashley hang out here with Taylor while I was cleaning all around.
How do you like the authentic wall to wall flooring?
Do you want to see the panoramic picture of the inside too?  It's not as pretty as the lake.

Lunch at Balsam Lake

Taylor liked it all

Daddy closing up till next weekend in the sun. 

Thursday, 17 June 2010

TRi KiDS Triathlon 2010

This past weekend James and Damon completed their first triathlon in Newmarket.   It was so much fun for the kids and the parents watching them race.  I'm so proud of my boys. They got a really good work out and had fun too.  They also  raised $230 for the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario.  Thanks so much to all our family and friends for supporting the boys in this event.

I highly recommend this to anyone across Toronto more details are available at

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Whirlwind of a week

I have been so busy lately this may be a long post.  With the four kids activities have been non stop.   I'm surprised I haven't missed anything yet or double booked myself.

Last Thursday James participated in local track meet he ran in the 100 meter dash.  I loved track meets when I was his age, my mom and I were excited to go cheer him on.

See  how confident James was before the race pictured with me above  it was great.  He is in the far left lane and placed 2nd in his heat. There was 8 heats of grade 4 boys so only the child that came 1st proceeded to the final.  He was disappointed but a great sport about it.  He enjoyed the whole experience including the escape from the classroom for  a day and cheering on his peers.

Friday -  a trip to CARD for an assessment for hippotherapy
Ashley loved the horses such a great program not far from here, Ashley passed the assessment of course now I have to find time to register her this week before registration closes and wait for september. 

Ashley liked this horse he is very gentle we were told.

Saturday - A Party!

Happy Birthday 5th Naomi!  Ashley and I had lots of fun at this party. Ashley even broke the pinata with just a little help from Sarah.  Sarah is Ashley's fabulous nurse she has been providing respite for Ashley for over  two years now.   Sarah and Ashley have a special bond we are lucky to have her care.  We were pleased to see Sarah all dressed up too! Sarah posted some cute photos of Ashley at the party on her blog. Check them out here.

Ashley really enjoyed the pinata and was giggling. 

Sunday was kids triathlon day!  Now that was amazing  I have to do a whole separate post on that. 
Coming right up another video montage. 

Monday -  Lucky Lucky me - my Sony Cybershot TX7 arrived and I love it! Very sleek and takes fabulous pictures much thanks to Kimberly at  for choosing my video as the winner.  To top that off I was also one of the lucky winner's of Ellen's summer worth of willy wonka candy giveaway from Ellen at lovethatmax.  I received both the camera and the chocolate Monday afternoon.  

I've been sharing chocolate bars with my kids teachers and  neighbours.   I'm already down to one chocolate bar left which is going to one very special therpaist.  It's been very nice to be handing out chocolate to so many people that care for my kids.   The boys did eat a few too don't worry they wanted to eat them all but I thought that's not a good idea.  

Have a look at these faces when they came home to this, created with my new  Sony TX7 too. 
Tuesday - Ashley, Taylor and I headed down to Sickkids for Endocrine clinic they are following Ashley to monitor her thyroid and growth. She is doing great she grew 4cm in just 11 months (normal range is 4 to 6 cm) and is now 11kg tiny for 5 years but she has gain some more weight and we are pleased.  That was all good news they did some blood work and as long as it comes back normal Ashley will be discharged from yet another Clinic my girl is getting healthy. See I saved the best news for last.   

What a great week I'll stop bragging now I promise.  Well at least until the next post. 

 Mom thanks for coming down to help with all of this I couldn't have made it to everything without your help last week. We miss you already.  Now I'm hoping for a quiet week or at least a day is that too much ask. I want to play with my new camera. 

Saturday, 12 June 2010

My Graduate

My girl graduated Junior Kindergarten it was pretty spectacular. The teachers and children have been rehearsing for this celebration for some time now. I don't even know how to describe the warm feeling in my heart to see my girl walk in the gym and across the stage to get her diploma. It was pretty special many kids did the same walk but when Ashley went up everyone clapped. There was lots of love in the room I could feel it.

How sweet it is to be loved by you Mrs G and Mrs L and all of Ashley's classmates. She really loves you too.   Wow did they ever let Ashley shine. What a special year!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

What is a mom to do?

I could really use some advice -  today unexpectedly I learned that Ashley's beloved Educational Assistant will be sent to a new school next year.  I have to admit I never saw that coming.  Apparently it's a union decision not based on what is best for my child.

This year has been very successful for my girl.  She has made progress in all areas I've blogged about this many times here, here and here for starts.  We are just so thrilled with her teacher and Education Assistant they are so experienced, caring and loving and that spills over into the entire classroom in so many ways.

I started to place calls to  see what can be done about this, then send emails and rally Ashley's team.   What else is a mom to do?  I'm worried very worried this will be a set back for my girl Kindergarten is a 2 year program here in Ontario Junior Kindergarten then Senior Kindergarten why mess with such a good thing.  I don't understand how these decisions are made are the kids involved considered.  Ashley making steady progress why change something that is working so well.    I hope someone will see that this isn't the best decision.   Any advice for me I'd love some help with this?

Here is Ashley with Rose who we love!!

If emails, phone calls and meetings don't solve this maybe I'll have to start baking cookies. 
I have a blogging friend who that worked for. 

Monday, 7 June 2010

4 kids equals lots of parties and goodtimes

Happy 7th Birthday Sully! 
 We were all invited too Sully's swim party but I couldn't possibly take 4 kids swimming by myself so James, Damon and Ashley came with me.  My husband was golfing in a tournament but I'm very lucky to have a great neighbour who watched Taylor so Ashley could swim.  The kids loved every minute of the swim too.  I definitely need to find a way to take them to the pool for regular swimming this summer.  

Here's Ashley and I in the pool.  Ashley was squealing with delight the whole time. An hour of swimming from 5 until 6 had her exhausted too.  I swear she ate afterwards half sleeping she enjoyed some pizza and fries before falling asleep in the middle of the party. It was a really good time the boys couldn't stop talking about the swim too. 

James in the deep end he was the last one out of the pool.  
Check out these loot bags Sully's mom is a professional isn't she. These went over really well with the kids too.

Then Sunday another day another party.

Carter turned one on sunday and it was Taylor's  turn to enjoy a party.  I don't find it very easy to take Ashley and Taylor to a party together now that Taylor is walking he needs to be closely watched and so does Ashley. She sometimes finds all the people and noise a little overwhelming and needs to calmed which is hard to do well keeping up with Taylor.  I wasn't sure how I'd mange them both so Ashley went to Sully's party and Taylor to Carter's.

My friend Carm with Carter the birthday boy and Alexandra her little girl.
Happy Birthday Carter!
Her Cousin made this fabulous cake it was so professional and delicious.
Taylor having some fun... 
Carter and his sweet mommy. 
It was such a great weekend, so nice to spend time with friends and celebrate little ones birthday's.  I need to practise my photographer skills I took many pictures at Carter's party but not one good one of Taylor and his buddy Carter.  I was always behind Taylor it seems and my photos are of his back.

Such a great weekend.  My husband was pretty happy after playing golf with some neighbours he now has some new friends and seemed to really enjoy winning the tournament.

Here's an addition to this post a photo Carm sent me of the four of us...

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Lots of fun this week and upcoming weekend.

Checkout all the fun we have been having this past week or two we had a few visitors cousins from Texas who we love to see.  Water table for Ashley and Taylor, the rip stik for James.   No one is left out of the fun.  

This special puppy visitor stopped by as a good friend trains puppies to work with Autistic children.  
Below is Cassandra with Taylor and Ashley.

Here's my cousin Kathy she is an amazing business woman and tons of fun. 
This afternoon I'm taking Ashley, James and Damon to a pool party.  This pool party was a great excuse for Ashley and I to go shopping for new tankinis for both of us.   Tomorrow Taylor's friend is turning one we picked him up a really cute gift.  Birthday party season is in full gear.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

It's my lucky day!

I won a fabulous contest for the latest and greatest Sony Cybershot TX7 engraved with Taylor Swift's own signature too from Kimberly Clayton Blaine at  Ashley must be my lucky charm she brightens my everyday with her smile and those beautiful eyes of hers and I'm sure it was her smiling face in my latest video that helped me win.

I can't wait to take panoramic photos and make more video's of Ashley and her brothers with this new camera.  Panoramic shots should make fitting all 4 kids in one photo easier even when they are trying to run out of the shot.   It even takes 10 photos in one second.  I'll be giving that feature a try too.

I'm sending a big Thank You to Kimberly  at be sure to visit her web site. She's a parenting expert and has some wonderful advice on everything from parenting to vblogging.  She has an on-line parenting show and just today posted a very touching video of her Sister's Journey with Breast Cancer on her blog and how can I not mention hosts the best blog contests going.

I'm still in shock that I won and so excited.