Monday, 18 March 2013

Ashley enjoying winter the Koolway!

It has been a long and snowy Canadian winter.   Ashley is always itching to get outside despite the weather.   She is glued to the backdoor if Daddy is outback cooking on the barbeque.  I hate to tell her it's too cold get out there.  Now Ashley is sporting this  Koolway Sports custom made snowsuit. 

Ashley's Koolsuit is purple and hot pink. Koolways snowuits are custom made in Canada and come in many colours.  The best thing is the warmth Ashley legs are now nice and warm while on the ice or being pulled in a sled.  For someone on a slegde or in a chair it is very easy to get cold since your not moving around. We used to put on snow pants and  blankets on her legs but the blanket would  fall off.    Her Koolway leg blanket zips to the Koolway Jacket, plus both the jacket and leg blanket was made  for extra warmth and stays put.    

Koolway generously custom made Ashley  this suit  in-cordination with  PAL site.   Ashley is one very lucky girl! 

I can now quickly get her dressed and we are off and enjoying this never ending winter.  She has been skating three times since getting her Koolwaysuit  just over two weeks ago.   She is living life the Koolway!  Ashley and I both say Thank you Koolway Sports!!

Also exciting news...

Ashley  is starring in a video called "The Climb" and two photos "Walking on Sunshine" and Let's Play at this years Filmpossible 2013 compeition. 
If you have time it just takes a second to vote.  Jump over to Filmpossible to view and vote on all the amzing entires that are bringing visibility to disability.   All entries are submitted by people who believe in a world of possibility.