Wednesday, 20 January 2010

On the move


Falling behind here

Well I keep meaning to blog but not finding much time to get to it so I win the bad blogger award.  

Here some things that have been going on around my house lately.  The boys did science experiments last weekend, james extracted the DNA from a kiwi, and damon built a car that run on these homemade batteries. I didn't spend too much time reading the science kits in detail but the batteries ran on white vinager . This kept them both busy for well over an hour and I spent all that time decluttering are small coat closet which is suppose to hold all winter outdoor wear for a family of six.  We seem to be outgrowing are house. 

My Scientists...

Ashley got her haircut again as her bangs were going in her eyes. She's also doing great at school she is enjoying her time there.  This is her third week at school and so far no sick days. I think that is perhaps a record for her.  Today she stayed for lunch for the first time and ate pizza with her friends.  I picked her up right after lunch so she only stayed an extra hour but it was progress for her.  It was so sweet to see her seating at the lunch table with 5 other little girls eating pizza along side of them. The girls were all talking about where their dads work.  It was so sweet I wondering what Ashley was thinking, she was really paying close attention to the girls that were talking I'm sure she was taking it all in.  I'm sure at this time last year I would never have imaged her eating pizza at school as she was still on the g-tube diet then. Boy have things changed in such a short time period.

Taylor reached a big milestone crawling a few days before he turned 9 months.  It is so cute to see as he is so small just 15 pounds at 9 months and moving right along.  He is always smiling and loves eating he takes the bottle now holds it himself and feeds himself finger food. He already loves garlic bread.

This week I'm working on getting him to sleep thru the night started two nights ago didn't get much sleep that night but last night he only woke a few times to cry for perhaps 5 to 8 minutes each time and went back to sleep. I just listened from my bed. He did great such a sweet and easy going babe!  Up to this time he has been in my bed nursing on demand , this is his first week in a crib in the other room.   I miss the cuddles but enjoy the rest.

I even had some fun myself this week going out to bookclub with my neighbors we read Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Wells great book. But best of all my neighbor baked us desserts  and served these sweet martinis.  It was so much fun. Next we are reading The girls by Lori Lansen.

I have a video of Taylor crawling I will add as he is so cute in motion.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ashley's new big girl room

My little girl has moved into a beautiful new sleigh bed. It's really nice even her brothers liked it. Her baby brother has moved in with Damon and eveyone seems happy.  Here's some pictures of her new palace.  That I just took as I was tucking her into bed tonight.

Now Damon and Taylor are sharing a room it's small but still has room for them to spread out and play.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Clara's photos

My niece has a really nice camera the kind of camera I'm starting to think I need. She took and edited these beautiful photos.  Starting with my Dad, Taylor, Blake & Damon and we can't leave out Ashley. As I'm sure you can tell from the photos she is a great  Artist.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas #1 in Richmond Hill this year, it was so great  with all four kids, everyone was excited for Santa, mom and dad included. Santa seigh was filled with toys for 4 children legos, lincoln logs, playskool blocksters, table hockey spy gear and crayola glow domes not sure how he managed to get all this down the chimney. The kids are loving the new toys.

Here's my photo story:
The tree after Santa's visit:

Taylor checking out his stocking first one up waiting for his brothers and sister to raise and open presents..

Ashley, Taylor and Damon checking out froggy

Lego Agents Robot Santa came through with the much wanted set for James and
Lego City Fire Station for Damon

We also had a really nice visit with my new niece she is so sweet Taylor took to her too. She was not even 8 weeks old christmas day she was born on Halloween.

It was a very busy day for all it tucker out  Taylor and Grampy.  They fell asleep cuddling together on the the sofa. I love this picture.