Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks well worth the trip to New Brunswick to visit this beautiful place by the sea.  

It was a drive from our cottage but worth it. 
My baby boy, sister in law and Blake.

A nice short hike down to the Rocks by the sea.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Chrystal Palace fun in Moncton

Ashley learning to pull to stand makes me pretty happy this week and  Ashley was pleased with that too but she loves rides. Yesterday I took her on a number of rides for the first time she loved it.  I should really take her to Wonderland one day a hugh amusement park by my home. 

Look at this girl she LOVES rides she on the Rio Grande Cho Cho so much fun.
These boys enjoy them too!!

Taylor and Grampy on the Convoy Truck ride in the back seat behind his sister and Mama.

That's us in the green truck Ashley was loving every single minute of this so much so we are thinking of heading to another theme park tomorrow. 

I even sneaked her on this one .. the ride said you had to be able to exit unaided which was not the case but she totally loved it.  I was a little scared myself though I'm not a fan of heights and look we are way off the ground.  I love to see her enjoying thinks just like her brothers this was a great vacation day. 

The merry-go-round was a do must of course.  

Bumper Cars also a hit Ashley had to pass on this ride though. 
James went on the roller coast many times as you can see the park was pretty quiet no lines.  It was a sunny day yesterday when we went I think everyone was at the beach. 

We had so much fun  the kids were sad to leave after 3 hours of non-stop rides.  

My sister and law and her 3 kids are driving up tonight due here any minute now we can't wait to see them!

Look what my girl is doing now - pulling to stand!

We are spending two weeks at my parents cottage near the beach in New Brunswick it's a small place with tiny bed rooms. The new place has let Ashley explore in a whole new way.   Ashley sleeps on a double bed with Taylor playpen just a foot away I was shocked to find her standing after putting her to bed yesterday.  Check this out, she is pleased too.  At five this is a very big deal to be pulling up to stand for the first time sometimes I hate to admit you feel like these things are never going to happen and then she totally surprises me.  I'm so proud of her!!!

This is also making it harder to put her to bed but it's so great.  This is amazing stuff for my girl!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

My girl is much improved today - Parlee Beach

Ashley was still a little itchy today but her swelling is down and her eye is looking much better.  Late afternoon we took all the kids to the beach for a short walk and swim in the water as it very hot here.  Ashley loved the waves and the feel of the sand.   We went to Parlee Beach which is in Shediac, New Brunswick it was beautiful here's a few pictures.

Hermit crabs hiding in small shells the boys were very excited to find these on the beach and wanted me to take these pictures.
It was very hot today but overcast and it had rained just before we arrived close to four so the beach was pretty much ours.

These cottages have a great location steps from the sea.  


I can't believe the week is going by so quickly.   We spent time with some good friends that live in Moncton and we only get to see about once a year.

Kelsey and Damon

James and Brianna

We also visited the Dunes of Bouctuche a beautiful board walk and beach. 
We enjoyed lobster rolls by the sea and a walk on the board walk. 

The view around here.

Yesterday Ashley appeared to have mosquito bites or chicken poxes as well as the itchy spots on her wrist and legs her right eye started to swell. 

She was very itchy and uncomfortable. We took her to the clinic and we learned she has  a bad reaction to a bug bite. I believe she was bite on her wrist as  it blistered and fluid came out of it.  But spots started appearing all over her arms and legs.  The doctor told us she not sure what's up with the bugs this season but she has seem many kids come in this week with variations of this.  She was worried about Ashley due to her eye swelling.    She is on a strong antibiotic now and an oinment for her skin infection.    Taylor has a touch of this too but not nearly as bad a his sister.  

She was scratching this afternoon but at least she's not rubbing her eye.  I'm hoping for a fast recovery.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Summer Travel


We are driving to the  ocean with my parents and we can't wait to get there.   We have been on the road for two days now and we are only a 2.5 hour drive away from our destination. We are enjoying the drive so far, Taylor just wants to sleep in the car, Ashley's content to enjoy the view and read some books, the boys are reading too when they are not playing pokemon (Pokemon addiction) the mountains in Quebec were beautiful.

 Tomorrow we will hit the beach for sure can't wait to walk in the sand.   I hope everyone is enjoying the heat. I heard it was a heat wave back in Toronto it's not nearly that hot here in New Brunswick it's warm and very comfortable.  Our hotel tonight has 2 pools so we have been swimming  already and we will hit the pool before we leave here in the morning.

Last night we stayed at a hotel  in Quebec just off the highway and their was beautiful horses in the fields next to the hotel.

As pretty and the horse were last night, the pools and the WIFI make this hotel a winner.
Here's Taylor and Damon outside East Side Mario's dinner was yummy!!

Ian I wish you were here we all miss you.