Thursday, 17 February 2011

Moments that take my breath away - video of Ashley's progress again!

This month I have so many things to blog about it seems one good thing after another is happening around here. Today Ashley had another amazing day at therapy.   Last week she took 2 steps totally unaided for the first time.   I wasn't there for that big moment as I was with Damon and his class on a skating trip.   Today Ashley was pretty determined to repeat those independent steps for me as Mommy needs to see and share it with the world of course via this blog.

Moments that take my breath away from Sherry C on Vimeo.
Ashley takes 3 steps all on her own at 5 years old. She has been working on this her whole life. Thanks to the help of two very amazing CME Medek Physiotherapist who help make these miracles happen.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Zippie Zone - new wheels

Introducing THE ZIPPIE ZONE..... 

This is just a trial of course Ashley's actually chair will be all  decked out with a few more pink and purple accents. This one just has  a little flash of purple over the wheels.

It was dropped off yesterday and it moves really easy  and can be pushed with one hand.  Which is important as I'll be holding Taylor's  hand too.   I think she will be able to push it around herself with a bit of learning.

I could never have imaged the day they brought her a wheel chair I'd be excited.  A few years ago a wheel chair was a very upsetting thought I have to  admit.  In all honesty I think the fact that she's an amazing walker now... has made this transition much easier for me. I'm also sure  time and acceptance really  just makes things so much easier.  For now we are having fun with this even her brothers are enjoying a ride or two around the house in this chair perhaps when we pink it up they will stay away from that fun.

I'm looking forward to taking Ashley out and about in this chair as the stroller is definitely for babies and both  toddlers and preschoolers  love to point that out.  Right now the Zippie Zone is pretty cool but March 1st we are going to be testing the TiLITE Aeroz  this is a big purchase and we want to get Ashley the best one.

If anyone has any thoughts on wheels chairs please share.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Hugs, Kisses and Valentines

Ashley prepared Barbie Valentines with Hersey kisses for all friends at school and she came home with a beautiful bag filled with cards and sweets.

Best of all was this beautiful card for Mommy & Daddy  - I love it!

Taylor enjoyed the sweets too.

Here's  my valentine with our baby James almost ten years ago this coming June.  That was a special day.  I couldn't image life without my hubby he's pretty special and sure knows how to take care of all of us.  I love our life together.   I love you honey.

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Up and about

I couldn't resist posting this picture of my little babe he's really a toddler now into everything he loves to pull his tripp trapp chair around to get at all the goodies in our wall unit. 

We took our family room apart so my husband could paint and Taylor just sat down and built lego towers in the mist of all the painting.  I'm starting to think his gorgeous locks needs a little trim but I'll keep putting that off as long as possible. I love those red curls.

My girl is looking tall standing upright all the time now.

Here she is using a Rifton walker that we are trialling for school next year.  I much prefer her Kaye walker much smaller for in home use even if it's not a girly pink like the the Rifton.

Here she is with her Kaye walker it's not pink but smaller and she loves it lately.

She's waiting for her brothers to come home from school here last friday. This is her new view of the world.  If it warms up I'll have to take her out in that snow for some real fun.