Sunday, 23 January 2011

Damon's grade 3 pioneer log cabin

The past two weekends Damon has  been painting popsicle sticks and glueing away to come up with this project for his grade three social studies class.  It wasn't long ago that James made one of these..cabins and I blogged about it here too.  Can't wait to help Ashley and Taylor with their's too.. actually hopefully their brothers will be able to assist at that time.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ashley totally ROCKs the PACE walker

This week Ashley tested out a few walkers at school and she rocks with the PACE walker. She's doing great with her Kaye walker too but the Pace offers a chest support that is good for safety and a little extra balance in the busy school environment.   She can walk from her class to the end of the hall and back in no time with this.   The School Board is buying one for her too!  With this new walker I believe she can even go out for recess on the tarmac and walk around with her friends in good weather of course.  An added bonus it comes in pink.  

I was even told by her physiotherapist this week that another little girl was allowed to skate with her class wearing bob skates and this walker.  Sounds like some exciting things are in store for my girl.

Notice her pj's  her class had a pajama party that day too cookies, hot cocoa, teddy bears and all.    Kindergarten is so much fun. Can I go back?

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Long awaited blog update.

It's been busy here with Taylor into absolutely everything but I had to find time to share some news on the kids.

I had an excellent meeting with the school this morning.  I managed to get everyone hyped about Ashley attending Grade 1 at her local school.  The special ed teacher was trying to write down a number of things  I was saying.Which I think is a good sign.  She attempted to sell me on the merits of a community classroom but she was speaking to the wrong mama.   In the end she said my case was very touching and hard to disagree with.  It helped that the Teacher, EA and school board PT where all cheering me on.  I've been preparing for this discussion for who knows how long which was lucky for me because we were suppose to meet on a new walker for Ashley not grade 1 planning. Luckily I was more then prepared.

Also  fabulous and almost unbelievable news  Ashley  gained  6 pounds in the last 7 months.  She is 27.9 pounds now.    It's amazing and I'm sure eating lunch with her peers has helped with this weight gain too.

Here's a few pictures  of the fun things Ashley gets to do at school - sledding at lunch recess. This was her lunch assistant idea too she thought this would be more fun for Ashley then the special needs stroller ride through the snow.  Boy was she right.

Reptila in the school. Scary but fun.

My boys have their first official job! Early days yet but they love it already.

Last on a bitter sweet note my girl was discharged from Early Intervention as she is turning 6 in march and now in SK.  It was bitter sweet but my girl is growing up and Dorothy the best Early Interventionist in the entire world is needed by other little ones that are just starting down this roller coaster of ups and downs.  Dorothy will always have a special place in my heart and I'm so thankful for all her kind words of encouragement and support over the past few years.  She was always available to listen and guide me in the right direction and will forever be a dear friend to me and Ashley.

Dorothy I know we will stay in-touch but I'll be missing all your wisdom, insight and your amazing presence at my side at all those school meetings.  Thank you for being one of Ashley biggest cheerleaders.  We love you!

Come back as I'll be posting video of Ashley walking unassisted with her walker very soon and she is going to trial a pretty pink wheel chair next month too.  I'll be sure to post some video clips.