Saturday, 25 April 2009

Ashley & Taylor a saturday morning together.

Here's a clip of Ashley playing this morning. She was feeling more like herself today. Also on this video is baby Taylor sleeping he tries to wake for the video and opens his eyes just briefly.

Friday, 24 April 2009

One Week Old

It's been seven days with my forth child he is just a joy to have around. He is very busy sleeping much of the time. Waking for feeds and quickly falling back asleep.

My three others have all had a little something all week. It started with the chicken poxes for James late last week. Damon came home from school on Wednesday cold and feverish he stayed home thursday. Ashley also hasn't been herself had a fever earlier in the week .. and has been crying much more then normal. I took her to the doctor today and he couldn't find anything that needed to be treated but suggested perhaps she's having cramps and to give her tylenol if she seems to be in pain and bring her back if she gets a high fever. I hope it passes quickly it's so hard when she can't tell me whats bothering her and she's clearly uncomfortable and unhappy it breaks my heart.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Baby Euphoria

I was told today I must be having baby euphoria after a friend saw me out and about.

I think she may be right I feel so thrilled to be home with baby Taylor he is just so precious and sweet. I do feel great despite little sleep these past 4 days with a new baby at home. Any concerns i may have had about raising four children seem to have melted away the minute i held him. Today we were back to Ashley busy schedule Daddy and I surprised Ashley physiotherapist by showing up with baby Taylor in tow for therapy. Taylor slept most of the last few days away waking just to feed and drifting back to sleep. He likes cluster feeding over night but i not feeling tried yet i guess that will hit me when baby euphoria ends. Ashley and Damon don't seem to interested in their new brother just yet but big brother James can't get enough of him.

Here's more pictures look how little he is...

Saturday, 18 April 2009

There is a new little someone to love

Welcome Taylor Colin, born April 17th at 4:43am weighed in at 6lbs 15oz

Welcome little sunshine into my open arms and loving heart.

We are so excited for your arrival. Mommy and Daddy could barely wait. Your brothers are excited to teach you basketball, football and soccer. Your sister is thrilled to have a new playmate. You are the perfect addition to our family, so precious and special. Our lifetime of fun has just begun.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Finally on my way to the hospital

It's 2:30 pm i'm scheduled to be induced at 4pm. We left a little early I hope to have time to indulge in a booster juice which is a huge smoothie before I get admitted.

Today was eventful as James broke out in spots which my mom and I thought were a little like chicken poxs and sure enough he has them and will be home from school today and friday, I'm disapponted he won't be able to visit mommy and baby at the hospital. Hopefully when the baby comes home the poxes will be long gone.

i'm very excited to meet my little one.

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Sunday, 12 April 2009

39 weeks and counting

Much to my disappointment last night was just false labor again... braxton hicks as i was able to get back sleep for the most part. Wake up for our 6:30 am easter egg hunt and enjoy the day with my three kids.

It's really nice having my parents here they entertained the kids enjoyed the egg hunt not to mention made a great dinner. My husband worked hard painting our garage and putting together a storage system to better organize all the outdoor tools and toys. This is in anticipation of some nicer weather it was rather cool here for April but i went for a good hike in the morning and afternoon with James in hopes of kick starting the labor. It didn't work as I'm still home blogging this evening.

I am scheduled to be induced this thursday April 16th so I'm sure I'll find a way to keep busy for a few more days. I'm just too excited to hug and cuddle my little sunshine.

Bubbleman - Bath Blizzard two thumbs up

Well another one of Damon birthday gifts was the Bath Blizzard by SpinMaster Toys. It was a hit with everyone at our house. I have two boys who are reluctant to run and jump in the tub it requires some convincing to get them in only twice a week. This toy really works with just one cap full of any bubble bath produces a bath full of bubbles and lots of fun in the tub. Damon was covering himself in bubbles and telling me he was
Bubble Man with special bubble powers.
Best thing of all both my boys took baths two nights in a row. I'd recommend this for sure especially if your kids aren't big fans of cleaning up.

On another topic here I am up blogging at 2 am not sure if this is the real thing or braxton hicks but I've been getting some contractions they started at midnight and keep coming however i think they are less painful now so perhaps just a dry run. I'm going to try and see if i can sleep through them or need to head to the hospital.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Damon turns 7

Happy Birthday Damon

Happy Birthday to my sweet, caring friendly and fun loving son!

Today he awoke to a note to check downstairs for a birthday surprise!
He came running in my room so thrilled with the note and a big smile on his face.
He ran downstairs to find his new bike in the middle of the family room. My mom and I made him pancakes with a #7 made out of smarties. He was pretty happy today even though it didn't involve a party with friends. But we did spoil them with loot bags anyways, pop with lunch a treat at our house. A very special candy cake and a few more presents after dinner. It was fun for everyone to see his delight in all the little things we did.

I can't belive he is seven already. Ready to be a big brother all over again. He didn't want to share his birthday with the baby so i'm glad the baby decided to hold off a little while longer. Baby if your reading this tomorrow would be fine.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Still no change but I'm about to burst

Well still no baby yet he/she is still very happy inside my belly for now.

I have a small frame 5'4 and normally slim however at 9 months I feel Iike I'm going to burst if my stomach grows any bigger.
This photo below was taken last week and I'm bigger now I gained another 2 pounds in just one week and not sure my tummy can stretch anymore. I have no idea how anyone would feel with twins or 8 babies oh my josh!! My three others were not big babies James was 6, 13oz, Damon was 7, 1 oz and Ashley just 4, 9 oz. I have a feeling my 4th is going to be my biggest.

I'm little crazy for posting that picture but thought I'd share and it may be fun to look back on many years from now.

Friday, 3 April 2009


I wish I had something exciting to state like I'm heading to the hospital but no such luck. I'm home counting the baby kicks and trying to wait patiently. Baby is moving which is always good. However the waiting is like watching paint dry. I wonder if I'll have second thoughts about being so anxious when the pain starts. Thank god for epidurals.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Crazy worries!

I'm the type of person to hold off on worrying about something until it really is a problem. I realize that if something upsetting or bad occurs I will a lot plenty of time to worry about it and address it as is needed. I work hard at staying positive and focusing on what's happening right now that needs my attention. Taking each day as they come. I think Ashley helped me realize the importance of this otherwise I'd worry myself silly about her future and if she is going to walk, talk, be indepentant or who knows what. I don't think I could have pictured how great she is doing right now bum scooting and eating up a storm even three months ago. When she was little the doctors were so worried about pretty much everything, is she getting enough oxygen, is her heart beating too fast for her little body, is she getting enough calories, a cold in that first year could have been deadly. For many months she was not stable enough to come home. I realize then I needed to focus on how to love, care and enjoy her each day and leave some of those other concerns to the Drs. Because there was just to many worries for me to bear or I'd just sink. I choose to swim for my sake and Ashley's. Hence my take each day as it comes outlook and worry about those things I have control over.

However this past week I find myself worried silly about my new baby is he/she okay? I'm concerned if he's moving enough, and is he/she heathly?? When is he going to be ready to meet mommy and daddy? Will I make it to the downtown hospital in time a 40 minute trip with no traffic. It could easily take an hour and half in rush even. As we are traveling to a hospital in downtown Toronto from the suburbs traffic can be crazy in this big city. How quickly is he or she going to come. My second came after only two pushes, and Ashley arrived only 30 minutes or so after we got to the hospital. We didn't rush there I was in labour for a few days actually however I wasn't travelling to downtown then either I had my first three at a hospital close by. I need to stop worrying and relax but I thought it might help to vent a bit. Perhaps I will try sleeping that should help matters as well. I guess most of these concerns are normal but I just want to enjoy these last few days as I don't plan on doing this again. I'm sure. I'd like to feel a lot more excited as I know this is a very special time. I'm extremely lucky to have three fabulous kids that make me extremly happy despite our challenges and another one any day. Patience where are you?

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Little one has his/her own schedule

Well it's been 2 days since I called in my parents and rushed down to the hospital and baby has yet to arrive. I had few contractions yesterday but they were infrequent and mild so we are just waiting now. I'm in the car now with my husband heading down to see my OB for my 37 week check up. It's so nice to have my mom around to help out it makes things so much easier. My Dad decided to head back home and return when baby arrives as he has to work. I'm hoping the doctor will have a Chrystal ball and tell when this is going to happen. But I know the best things in life are worth waiting for so I just have to be patient.

My boys have been so cute lately Damon really wants another sister who he would name Krista. James wants a brother he can teach football and basketball to and is welcome to share his room as long as bunk beds are involved. He would name his new brother Jake.

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