Friday, 24 April 2009

One Week Old

It's been seven days with my forth child he is just a joy to have around. He is very busy sleeping much of the time. Waking for feeds and quickly falling back asleep.

My three others have all had a little something all week. It started with the chicken poxes for James late last week. Damon came home from school on Wednesday cold and feverish he stayed home thursday. Ashley also hasn't been herself had a fever earlier in the week .. and has been crying much more then normal. I took her to the doctor today and he couldn't find anything that needed to be treated but suggested perhaps she's having cramps and to give her tylenol if she seems to be in pain and bring her back if she gets a high fever. I hope it passes quickly it's so hard when she can't tell me whats bothering her and she's clearly uncomfortable and unhappy it breaks my heart.

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Melissa Miller said...

What a week. Our container arrived,with all our things. Our house is chaos, but it's OUR chaos!!!!
Hang in there. I'm sure next week they'll all be healthy again and making so much noise they'll be waking up Taylor.