Friday, 17 February 2012

Ice Skating - So nice to be included!!

This morning I accompanied Ashley on a winter outing with her grade one class she went Ice Skating.  It felt wonderful to be there with her on the ice.   I  recall  when she was just two sending her older brother off to skate with his grade one class feeling sad that Ashley may have to miss out on such  fun.

Five years later and my outlook is so different.   I really see many doors opening for Ashley as long as we plan there is always a way to participate.  Ashley's wonderful grade one teacher and school therapist arranged for a sledge and  Ashley was on the ice and enjoyed herself so much.  Her friends were happy to see her there and a few asked  why she wasn't on skates.    That would be something I'd love to see one day too and I think is possible perhaps a seated walker and some skates.   I love how the other kids see her doing it all.   Go Ashley Go!!!!