Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Photos from New Brunswick

New Brunswick Canada it is beautiful.

Here's a few photos everyone had an amazing time.

The tried new food like fried clams and scallops, spent hours at the beach where they played with hermit crabs, jelly fish and found mud shrimp in the river behind the cottage. The whale watching was the highlight of the vacation I believe.

They also enjoyed the return trip to ontario with a two night stop over in maine, grammy and grampy only stay at hotels with pools and prefer to eat at resturants with table clothes. Geez now why did i stay at home.. oh therapy for Ashley I believe. I think therapy needs a vacation too eh. Well next year I guess I have to go as well.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Balsam lake

My husband and I are with the babes hanging out at the lake this weekend. I brought my iPod touch and was thrilled to find we have wifi access working I believe it's compliments of our neighbours. The weather this summer has been rather disappointing and there are fewer people around and less boats on the lake so it's nice and quiet.

I'm excited to be heading to Ottawa tomorrow to meet up with my parents and the boys they have been away since June 25th. I'm also looking forward to introducing Taylor to my extended family.
-- Post From My iPod

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Rave reviews about Whale Watching

James and Damon loved whale watching, I heard all about the finback whales, porpuous and seals they got to see yesterday. There wasn't too many people on the tour and the captain let both of the boys get a chance to drive the boat. They also soaked up all the marine life info that was shared. Then they traveled to Bangor Maine for a nights stay and I believe they may be doing some sight seeing there today before heading back to Grammy and Grampys. They are enjoying every minute of this vacation they only miss mommy a little bit.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Whale Watching at St Andrews by-the-sea

St Andrews by-the-sea doesn't that sound like a lovely place. My boys and their grandparents have packed up the cottage and are heading there right now for a night or two. The have plans to go whale watching tomorrow followed by relaxing at the beach or resort afterwards.

I think I've had bloggers block if there is such a thing. Everything is just pretty routine around here, there is therapy, the re-occuring earache, doctors visits same old stuff and not as lovely sounding as a visit to St Andrews by-the-sea. None of what is going on here seems too blog worthy either. My mom and dad are taking plenty of pictures and i hope to post some next week when i get my hands on them. My boys are so lucky to have such caring grandparents that want to spoil them. Thanks Mom and Dad. Doesn't that resort look totally amazing that is where they are headed.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

lazy sundays

Pots where 50% off at home depot and the annuals just $1 so we decided to just add one more to the front step. Now we have a pair.

Taylor taking in some Golf on TV with Daddy

Ashley and Daddy going for a walk around the block

Hanging out in my pjs

Just posing for the camera, Ashley a real model and always willing to smile for the camera.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Well Heart Check UP!!! :)

Ashley cardiologist was very pleased with her ECHO CARDIOGRAM she has been suffering from Pulmonary Hypertension since birth it was treated with oxygen her first 14 months of life. But has been getting slowly better as her lungs matured and grew. Her heart isn't showing any signs of enlargement and pressures were looking great on the test. Ashley only has to return in 2 years time to repeat the test and if all looks good at that point in time they will discharge her from the cardiac clinic!!! This is super news because last summer the same Dr. Heart was concerned and sent her for a overnight sleep study and a check up with the ENT.

We also learned that she grew 3 and 1/2 cm in the past 6 months which is normal growth and welcome news. She is on the 3% for height but weight on the other hand she just below that but still just on the chart. They are pleased she is growing but have given me a number of ways to up her calories some more. I'll have to write a whole post on that alone.

Some not great news is that she now has scoliosis, this a new diagnosis to add to her list unfortunately but at least some other issues have been resolved.

The thing that bothered me that day besides the scoliosis .. happened when Ashley finished her ECHO which went smoothly then she had the ECG. The ECG is no fun for a four year old she had a zillion stickers and wires attached to her body and had to have her arms and legs held down. She did not like being held down or the removal of the stickers from her skin. Following that it was nap time and the hospital was testing the fire alarm so many bells were ringing rather loudly. While all that was going on we met with a nurse to review Ashley history prior to seeing Dr. Heart well the over stimulation and need for sleep didn't sit well with Ashley she had enough and was crying kicking and screaming well they tried to take her oxygen stats. The nurse meeting with us looked over at Ashley screaming and then Taylor sleeping peacefully in his stroller and asked " now was he a good idea" i thought what that's a sucky question. But I started rambling on about how sweet and wonderful he is and how Ashley just really tired and had enough today. But was that really necessary. I probably should have asked her why she was asking??? Well I'm just venting not sure why this comment is still in my head the next day I'm sure she wasn't intentionally trying to offend me but she managed too.

Here's my girl with the healthy heart & Mr Fantastic idea