Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Whale Watching at St Andrews by-the-sea

St Andrews by-the-sea doesn't that sound like a lovely place. My boys and their grandparents have packed up the cottage and are heading there right now for a night or two. The have plans to go whale watching tomorrow followed by relaxing at the beach or resort afterwards.

I think I've had bloggers block if there is such a thing. Everything is just pretty routine around here, there is therapy, the re-occuring earache, doctors visits same old stuff and not as lovely sounding as a visit to St Andrews by-the-sea. None of what is going on here seems too blog worthy either. My mom and dad are taking plenty of pictures and i hope to post some next week when i get my hands on them. My boys are so lucky to have such caring grandparents that want to spoil them. Thanks Mom and Dad. Doesn't that resort look totally amazing that is where they are headed.

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