Tuesday, 27 April 2010


 I had to share that three of Ashley friends from her kindergarten class gave her a group hug when she left on friday.  I was holding my camera but did not take a picture and it was the sweetest thing ever.  I so wished I had captured that one on film.   I did capture this one just before that hug.

This  tree is outside her classroom it has all her classmates names and in the middle it reads
"We are kind hearted"
Which is just the perfect way to describe this class. 

Here's some artwork she completed in class last week.   As you can see Ashley's doing great  with scribbling now I'm so thrilled this is a very big deal for her.  

On  Earth day she  planted a bean, enjoyed making bird feeders and hanging them on trees at school.

Great sensory work!

Today in class the fire department came and the entire class had a chance to sit in the fire engine. The kids all loved it.  I don't remember kindergarten being that much fun when I went but I was a painfully shy child at that age so I don't recall having fun unless I was home or with family.  Luckily none of my kids are shy.  Here's Ashley with her fabulous teacher that was kind enough to send me a number of her photos.

Little Taylor  likes to take a few steps but still isn't totally confident and loves hanging on my legs.  It has slowed me down a bit so I'm getting down there and taking more pictures of all this cuteness. 

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Fun Saturday

We had a fun saturday with  our children at the museum.  

 The apple of my eye!

She was so  patient for her portrait.

Oh I can't fail to mention she was featured in lights, like the star that she is. 

Have your own photofunia weekend and post me a comment I'd love to see your photos.   What fun!
Thanks to Missy at Add up the little things for telling me about this.  Jump over and visit her blog it's really sweet.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The school loves my girl

Ashley with her amazing EA

My heart is aching a little after reading another blog post  at Roostercalls. for kids that are not accepted and loved for who they are.

I feel so blessed that my beautiful girl Ashley is so totally loved by her teacher, educational assistance (EA) and all 16 children in her class.  Her early interventionist had a classroom visit with her earlier this week and stopped by afterwards to report that in all her years with EIS she has never seen a better teacher and EA.  She has visited many a classrooms over the years and was just totally blow away by how wonderful Ashley class is for her.  At her visit  the children all wanted to sit by Ashley at circle time,  they  have to take turns to  play with her during centre time.  They have picked her to be their partner when given the opportunity to take a friend to the office to drop of the attendance.  I need to allow plenty of time for drop off and pickup because they all gather around to say good morning and good-bye to my sweet girl. They ask me  if Ashley's is going to the park after school and if they can have a play date with Ashley.    Ashley's peers just adore her  just as she is,  she communicates with smiles and bright eyes rather then words and she is accepted.   She walks with assistance or a Kaye walker and spends time in her Otto bock (wheelchair) but they see a friend not a chair.   Today in class they watched a signing times video and many kids in the class where showing Ashley and I new signs as we left.  I can't help but smile when I leave her classroom.

Her teachers focus on her achievements and are optimistic about what she can do. The never once mentioned her limitations.  They find solutions rather then problems. Most of all they just love and accept her and so do her peers. I'm just so thankful to her teachers and  friends.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Taylor's 1st and Damon's 8th Party

Birthdays all come at once around here. We just finished celebrating Ashley's birthday then it was Damon's and Taylor's. We decided to have one party for Taylor and Damon together this weekend. 

We had a great time with Friends and Family.  

I was aiming to please and feeling inspired so I made a rainbow cake and cupcakes. It was a hit!

James and Damon enjoyed time with their friends.

So did Ashley...
My good friend Carm and her beautiful babe Carter who is Taylor's buddy.

Taylor loves Grampy
Ashley and her  cousin...

Taylor  really enjoyed the cake...

It was so much fun to celebrate the boys birthdays.  I was so excited the night before I was barely sleeping.  We now have a family room full of new toys too. Taylor is loving them.   Thanks Mom and Dad I couldn't have done this party without you.   Thanks to all our friends and family for coming it was really nice to have everyone here to celebrate my amazing boys. 

Saturday, 17 April 2010

My Baby is 1 - Happy Birthday Taylor

Happy Birthday Taylor!!

My youngest turned one today, the last year just went by so quickly.  I could not image life without him he is the sweetest little boy. He just fits in perfectly and completes our little family.    I love his easy going personality, smiles, curls and cautious ways.   I know that next year will be even more fun.  I'm excited to see you walking, then running, jumping and climbing.  It's so much fun to be your mommy.

Taylor at his birth:

Here's a picture from today's party. Look how you have grown.

I have many more photos from his 1st party that I'll have to post tomorrow. 

Friday, 16 April 2010

Collin Raye - She's With Me

Such a touching song, you may want some tissues handy before viewing this.

The Wizard of Oz

James was in a production of "The Wizard of Oz". It was so much fun to watch. Here's a short clip from the show. I hope either James or Damon will want to sign up for the next show Annie this fall.

I was hoping for some better images from the performance but I was working with my Sony Cyber-shot which well  has like no zoom and it's not really cut out  for a photo and video crazed  mama like me.  So I'm wishing and hoping to win lotto max tomorrow!  My  want list is getting too long and out of control.   There is the iPad I want need and the new camera I want need too. One can only dream right.   

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Weekend

The easter bunny came by our house and dropped off cuddly stuffed bunnies for the little ones  and all kinds of chocolate too.    The large kinder surprise was a big hit.

What I  enjoyed most of all is  the weather it was nice and warm. Here's some pics from our outings. 

The little ones enjoyed the trikes. Taylor a little young for the trike as his feet don't reach the peddles at only 11 months but he was thrilled be pushed around the block on the trike.

James bike has a flat tire now so he is getting around on the scooter.

The swing set is getting some good use too. 

The weather was so warm for April here we pulled out the shorts and t-shirts it was great.