Sunday, 28 December 2008


Wow I'm so excited I now have a new updated laptop the Apple Macbook so much faster and way better then my 7 year old IBM ThinkPad. After 12 years as IBM employee it didn't take me much to convert to apple it feels much cooler i have to admit and now I have no excuse not to be blogging do I.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

A Christmas Concert at the Little School House

The Little School House puts on a great concert for the kindergarten and nursery school children every Christmas. Each child in kindergarten did a solo it was so sweet to hear them each sing they were so brave. Ashley's class sang three songs as a group Ashley stood up on stage with them. I went up with her as she can't stand independently yet. She was little uncomfortable at the beginning when the audience was all clapping but did great and got used to the clapping by the end she adjusts to things pretty easily. Then a professional singer Douglas Johng sang a few songs for all of us Ashley loved that part the best.

Daddy with Ashley Ashley on stage with Mommy in front of a big audience. Ashley dancing at the concert with two of her friends from school

Douglas John joking and singing.

Birthday parties

Ashley been to a few birthday parties the late November she enjoyed both.

Alexa turns 1 Year old

Sade turns 2 years old.

James the Magnificent Magician

My oldest loves to put on a show the bigger the audience the better as far as he is concerned. He has been signing up for the school Talent Show since grade one, he is in grade three this year and did a few tricks for the entire school in the afternoon and they repeated the act at the evening talent show for parents and friends. Not sure where he gets such courage he is definitely not shy. When i was his age I would never have signed up for so much attention i was painfully shy. I'm so glad he such courage and charisma. He did great. Here is his act..

New baby on the way!

Some times it's hard for me to believe but we are very excited to have a new baby on the way. I'm 22 weeks pregnant expecting a baby mid April 2009. I know I'm very lucky to have 3 kids with another on the way I'm sure we will have our challenges managing 4 kids but it's going to be great. The genetic team at SickKids hospital offered us extensive testing which we opted for and all looks good for our new little one. Everyone at my house feels pretty lucky this christmas season. I'm surprise how excited my oldest two are about a new sibling. James says good morning and good night to his new sibling every day and ask about him or her all the time.