Saturday, 29 May 2010

A few things worth bragging about..

This week James's class participated in  track and field events all week. James did really well he placed 1st in the 100m dash, 3rd in the Long Jump and 6th in 200m dash.  He is very excited to be going on to a meet with other schools in the board June 10th.  I can't wait to watch him run.  I used to do sprints, long jump and high jump years ago  I started when I was his age and competed until I finished university.  I'm so thrilled to see him enjoying this to.

My girl Ashley also had a fantastic day at school on friday. Last week she was a little off and didn't want to participate.    I'm sure she has some sort of virus but it is gone now and she is back to her old self even after getting her 5 year booster shot at the doctors yesterday she had a stellar day at school. She walked into the gym for a morning assembly and stood for the entire show with just a little balance help.  Her Teacher and EA were so impressed.

Here's a picture of her and Taylor happy to be home for lunch break and a quick nap.

Talking about good news check out  this boy Tristan.  He is one of Ashley's buddies. Tristan has   CP and it effects all four of his limbs but he has a warrior mommy and the best physiotherapists in the world  too Jo-anne and Bernie - that's right we share them.  I snapped this photo of him standing it is truly amazing what can be accomplished with CME physiotherapy.  He does this therapy 4 times a week and is working  extremely hard for these results.  Look at him proving the  doctors  wrong isn't that great!  

Way to go Tristan!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

My Boy is 10!

James turned 10 yesterday I'm falling behind on my blogging so just posting now.   I can't believe how fast the 10 years have gone by and how grown up he is getting.  There is never a dull moment with this boy around and nothing is getting past him that is for sure he is destined to be a future CEO or maybe lawyer  because he does not take no for an answer and boy can he negotiate.  Right now he is planning to play football in the NFL when he grows up and I plan to be at every game!   

James on his new Kranked Ride, he's enjoying this more then his Ripstik right now.  However I could keep up with ripstik easier.   

Blowing out the candles I wonder what he wished for.. 
I asked them all to jump on the coach for a photo of all 4 kids on James birthday I took many and well this was the best... a photographer I am not. Taylor and Ashley were both trying to escape or either Damon or James was playing DS.  Seems to me capturing all 4 on one photo is a challenge even with a good camera. 

Here's James  #10 cake, french vanilla with mint chocolate buds and swedish berries for colour.  The kids love cakes that I decorate with candy always a big hit.  This is  birthday part 1 as James is having a party saturday with his friends from school I'll be taking 8 kids to see Ironman2 wish me luck.  Daddy will be home with the little ones. 

Long Weekend photo story...

It was a long weekend we had super hot weather, fireworks and extra time for fun with the kids what could be better.  The backyard was our playground, we listened to music  barbecued and just enjoyed.

We found this bubble mower in the basement and Taylor took to it right away.
Ashley took to the swing ... 

Taylor likes to climb the slide he thinks he is a big boy. 
I did not want to leave out Daddy he was watching the grill.
Here's Ashley again she has a bit of a sleep issue as of late it was Victoria Day and fireworks were everywhere.  It was almost eleven and she was wide awake giggling in her bed by all the action outside.
They sell fireworks now at every store  and it seems everyone had picked some up.  Boy they are loud and Ashley was not going to sleep so to I took outside to the front lawn in her PJ's for the show.  She enjoyed them even more when she saw the lights in the sky.  

Friday, 21 May 2010

TRi KiDS Triathlon Series - Sponsor my boys!

My boys are doing their first Triathlon and are going to swim, bike and run on June 13th to raise money for the Paediatric Oncology Group of Ontario. If you would like to make a small donation to help them reach their goal that would be greatly appreciated.

They decided to put down their video games to do this event. 

James has to swim 100M, bike 5 km and run 2km
 Damon has to swim 75M bike 2.8km and run 1km 

Visit Jame's and Damon's fund raising page if you would like to make a small donation.  TRi KiDS for POGO They are hoping to raise $400.

Thanks for your support!

Check out this video on last years event it's so cool....

Thursday, 20 May 2010

A busy thursday for Ashley

Look what my girl did in kindergarten she tenderly planted and carefully watered this seed and  she grew...

Remember a few weeks ago on earth day  it looked like this.

Ashley was busy today with Augmentative Speech followed by physiotherapy.  She did great at both in speech she read a Mayer Johnson interactive books with picture cards built in.  During the story her therapist asked her to find specific picture cards out of a choice of four and she was able to locate the crayons, toys and clothing on request. She didn't find the toothbrush. Maybe I should let her brush her own teeth more I'm usually in there doing it for her.  Overall she did great.

 I love when she can show us what she knows it's so fun.  I kept her busy she had to eat snack while doing this because we were off to physiotherapy  over the lunch hour and she can't go that long without eating.  She didn't get a break today and fell asleep in her lunch at 1:30.  Can you say over-scheduled for 5 years old.  That's how life with special needs goes.

I forget to bring my camera to phsysiotherapy as we were rushing so I have no photos of that it's too bad to because she was shinning.

Here's a look at her brothers baby curls. They are so cute and of  all 4 kids he is the only one with my curly hair so I just love it.  He also enjoys Augmentative Speech and want to get his hands on the fun books.

I had to share this as well,  look what  James created this week for a 4th grade Food Chain project. I think he did pretty good with it.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Ribbon Cutting, Friends and a good time.

Today Ashley and I, along with some good friends were invited to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of a Children's Treatment Network Parent Information Fair.  It was an honor to be up on the stage with two very amazing mom's Heather and Lisa.

Lisa worked really hard to make this event happen her sweet little girl Emily  walks now because of CME physiotherapy and her Mom's determination to stop at nothing to enable her daughter.   Lisa is a true warrior mama, she fantastic and knows how to make  things happen.     Lisa made it her mission to ensure other parents in our area are aware that this amazing therapy exists.   Today's information fair happened because of  her.  Lisa you go girl!

Heather is a friend, neighbour and best of all blogging buddy.  Her son Zackie is doing amazing things he also has a  dream team that Heather put together.   Today he was walking  around the room with just a little help and eating food which is no small thing for this little boy.  Be sure to visit  Heather's blog,  she is so honest about their struggles and triumphs, you will be hooked in no time.  She's also new to blogging  so I'm sure she would love a few new followers especially other mom's that rock you know who you are.

Lisa, Me & Ashley, Heather and Zackie

Here we are just before the ribbon cutting,

Oh and if any of you Moms out there have worries about whether your child will walk or sit up.  This princess Vanessa was unable to sit up at 3 and look at her now. It's incredible the gains she has made in  the last year. She's amazing at one hand walking.  She also does CME physiotherapy.    She is  eating now too and wasn't doing that last year.  There is nothing stopping this girl either. She is also Ashley's pal and pretty darn cute. 

It was great to see everything that is available locally for Ashley, camps, riding, swimming, respite, gym programs, funding there was so many organizations present.  I have a big bag of brochures now to read through.

 The best thing I learned today was Ashley can play special needs soccer at a funded summer camp. It's a morning program from 9 until 12 there are aids for all the kids.  Mommy has to stay and watch but Taylor can come along there are balls and  other siblings that he can play with there. I'm so excited about this.
More Mom's that rock and good friends. 

Thanks to Children's Treatment Network for the great event.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

The good and the bad!

The bad news...
My sweet boy is feeling a little under the weather today. He was up a number of times last night.  Nose is running non-stop but it's slowing him down  just a little.   I have a good feeling this will pass quickly.

The Good...
I'm so proud of my big boys they decided to swim, bike and run in a Tri- KIDS-Trialthon in one months time.   This is a fund raiser for kids with cancer too.  I'll be posting more details on this later. 

I'm going to get busy selling some old furniture we are storing in the basement on kijiji this will be my first try at this.  Anyone interested in a Kitchen table set or two?   

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Ashley on the move - video

Here's a look at my girl doing her CME physiotherapy and a bit of play as that's what girls do. I'm so proud of her and so very thankful to her team of amazing therapist and teachers. This is the video we shared at her Single Plan of Care team meeting today.

This video is dedicated to Bernie & Jo-Anne the best physiotherapists in the world.

Ashley's Dream Team

 I'm so proud of my girl she is making progress in all areas. What can be better then that. She is scribbling, drinking a little, moving about more and best of all making tons of friends.   When we returned from lunch today the girls in her class gathered around her stroller and were chanting Ashley, Ashley, Ashley it was so cute. Ashley was giggling and loving the attention.   

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Shoes and a dew!

Today was a fun day, we were off to Olly Shoes to find Ashley the perfect pair shoes.  Which is no easy task when your 5 and skinny minny.  Her feet are very narrow since she's not eating enough ice cream, most shoes are too wide and her feet just slid out. She fits an infant size 7 1/2 and we got lucky today and found a nice pair of Nikes that fit the bill.  They also had hot pink swooshes and girly flowers what more could a sporty girl like Ashley ask for. 

Check these out...

Ashley with  Dorothy who we adore.

 Ashley was also off to the kiddy salon for a new dew! 

What a Beauty!

Tomorrow is Ashley's big team meeting at the school I'll post her video too so be sure to come back and see all the amazing stuff she is doing. 

Monday, 10 May 2010

Thank-you mom

Mom THANK-YOU for always being there for me thru everything these past 5 years especially.   I  always know you  are  there for me, whether just to talk  or jump in and take care of the kids for days, weeks or even months when Ashley was little so I can be with her at the hospital.  I know you would do it all again in a heat beat if needed.  No one else could love them and care for  my children like you do.    Thank you for being such a wonderful grandmother to my children and thank you for teaching me to be the mother I am today.

Happy Mother's Day!
My Mom  and Dad. 

My Mom with Damon age 2 and James age 4.
1# Grammy

I feel so blessed this mothers day. I had a very  relaxing weekend with  my husband and my four beautiful children.  Live is pretty sweet right now with all these smiling faces to wake up to each morning.

Look at these precious gifts that Ashley's teacher arranged for all three of the kids to work together on.  Last monday James came home and told me he and Damon where called down to kindergarten to help with something but that he couldn't tell me as it was a surprise.   She even sent me a picture of the three of  them.   They wrapped it and I opened it this morning.  Isn't it nice that they all attend the same school.  

My mom is ...
My mom is great
My mom is loving
but best of all
My mom is always happy!
Ashley, Damon and James

Damon made me this card below which reads.

She takes me to the park.
She is wonderful because she helps me. 
She packs great lunch's.
You are Loved.

It's that great I'm always happy and pack the best lunches!  So sweet I totally loved it and had to share.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Single Plan of Care

I'm so excited I made a fabulous montage of Ashley doing all kinds of gross motor skills for her upcoming Single Plan of Care (SPOC) meeting. I'd love to share it right now but I think I want to  hold off so everyone can watch it at an upcoming team  meeting  May 12th.  It's really sweet.

This will be Ashley's second SPOC meeting at the school, many people attend as she has a PT, OT, CDA (Communication disorders assistant)  and speech therapist (SLP) for home and another team at school.  Her school principal, teacher, education assistant, special education teacher, case manager, early interventionist and a team co-ordinator also attend that is 15 people.  They  all help Ashley reach her full potential it's her DREAM TEAM. She even has a few other members of the team that won't be at the meeting, home nurse, school nurse and  a private PT.  She has 3 PT's on her team and they are all so skilled!  Many members of Ashley's team have come to be dear friends, who understand the ups and downs of this amazing journey we are on.  I feel so blessed to call them friends.

 My video includes a small tribute to her team it is impossible to thank them enough for loving Ashley and helping her excel but I can at least say thanks.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My cutie

Doesn't she look so cute, it's getting warm here I had her in shorts today.  She had physiotherapy and was working on sit to stand.  It's tough for her but she looked good doing it.   She always dresses up for physiotherapy.  I'm working on a video  of her one hand walking, and park play.. coming soon. 

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Princess Ashley went to a party!

A neighbour had the sweetest party yesterday for her little princess who was turning 3.  It was one of the sweetest parties for little girls and so well planned out.  All the princess attended of course, Princess Snow White, Princess Ariel, Princess Cinderella, Princess Jasmine and Princess Barbie and a few other princess too.  

Ashley my Pink Princess Cinderella

The girls made Princess hats and bracelets and played endless princess games.  It was so much fun for all.  So nice for Ashley to be included.  She has only been invited to a few parties and I know she really enjoyed herself.  Thanks M for the good time and included my sweet girl.   It was delightful to say the least.  My Cinderella turned into Sleeping Beauty come 6:30 after all the excitement of the day.

Cinderella in her Princess party hat. Thanks Clara for the dress Ashley loved wearing it.  She giggled  the minute I put it on her and loved touching  and playing with the skirt.  She  needs a dress like this of her very own for sure.  It was absolutely perfect for the party and her.