Monday, 10 May 2010

Thank-you mom

Mom THANK-YOU for always being there for me thru everything these past 5 years especially.   I  always know you  are  there for me, whether just to talk  or jump in and take care of the kids for days, weeks or even months when Ashley was little so I can be with her at the hospital.  I know you would do it all again in a heat beat if needed.  No one else could love them and care for  my children like you do.    Thank you for being such a wonderful grandmother to my children and thank you for teaching me to be the mother I am today.

Happy Mother's Day!
My Mom  and Dad. 

My Mom with Damon age 2 and James age 4.
1# Grammy

I feel so blessed this mothers day. I had a very  relaxing weekend with  my husband and my four beautiful children.  Live is pretty sweet right now with all these smiling faces to wake up to each morning.

Look at these precious gifts that Ashley's teacher arranged for all three of the kids to work together on.  Last monday James came home and told me he and Damon where called down to kindergarten to help with something but that he couldn't tell me as it was a surprise.   She even sent me a picture of the three of  them.   They wrapped it and I opened it this morning.  Isn't it nice that they all attend the same school.  

My mom is ...
My mom is great
My mom is loving
but best of all
My mom is always happy!
Ashley, Damon and James

Damon made me this card below which reads.

She takes me to the park.
She is wonderful because she helps me. 
She packs great lunch's.
You are Loved.

It's that great I'm always happy and pack the best lunches!  So sweet I totally loved it and had to share.

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Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

I love the fact that Ashley's teacher was thoughtful enough to call her big brothers down to help with your Mother's Day gift and then to take a picture, too! What a gift!

And I love your pictures. You have such beautiful babies. :)