Friday, 10 April 2009

Damon turns 7

Happy Birthday Damon

Happy Birthday to my sweet, caring friendly and fun loving son!

Today he awoke to a note to check downstairs for a birthday surprise!
He came running in my room so thrilled with the note and a big smile on his face.
He ran downstairs to find his new bike in the middle of the family room. My mom and I made him pancakes with a #7 made out of smarties. He was pretty happy today even though it didn't involve a party with friends. But we did spoil them with loot bags anyways, pop with lunch a treat at our house. A very special candy cake and a few more presents after dinner. It was fun for everyone to see his delight in all the little things we did.

I can't belive he is seven already. Ready to be a big brother all over again. He didn't want to share his birthday with the baby so i'm glad the baby decided to hold off a little while longer. Baby if your reading this tomorrow would be fine.

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Melissa Miller said...

Happy Birthday Damon from your Miller side of the family! Can't wait to see you this summer. You're getting so big! Enjoy your bike. It looks like a fast one. Big Hugs!
Melissa, Kirk, Evelyn and Madelaine