Sunday, 12 April 2009

Bubbleman - Bath Blizzard two thumbs up

Well another one of Damon birthday gifts was the Bath Blizzard by SpinMaster Toys. It was a hit with everyone at our house. I have two boys who are reluctant to run and jump in the tub it requires some convincing to get them in only twice a week. This toy really works with just one cap full of any bubble bath produces a bath full of bubbles and lots of fun in the tub. Damon was covering himself in bubbles and telling me he was
Bubble Man with special bubble powers.
Best thing of all both my boys took baths two nights in a row. I'd recommend this for sure especially if your kids aren't big fans of cleaning up.

On another topic here I am up blogging at 2 am not sure if this is the real thing or braxton hicks but I've been getting some contractions they started at midnight and keep coming however i think they are less painful now so perhaps just a dry run. I'm going to try and see if i can sleep through them or need to head to the hospital.

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