Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Zippie Zone - new wheels

Introducing THE ZIPPIE ZONE..... 

This is just a trial of course Ashley's actually chair will be all  decked out with a few more pink and purple accents. This one just has  a little flash of purple over the wheels.

It was dropped off yesterday and it moves really easy  and can be pushed with one hand.  Which is important as I'll be holding Taylor's  hand too.   I think she will be able to push it around herself with a bit of learning.

I could never have imaged the day they brought her a wheel chair I'd be excited.  A few years ago a wheel chair was a very upsetting thought I have to  admit.  In all honesty I think the fact that she's an amazing walker now... has made this transition much easier for me. I'm also sure  time and acceptance really  just makes things so much easier.  For now we are having fun with this even her brothers are enjoying a ride or two around the house in this chair perhaps when we pink it up they will stay away from that fun.

I'm looking forward to taking Ashley out and about in this chair as the stroller is definitely for babies and both  toddlers and preschoolers  love to point that out.  Right now the Zippie Zone is pretty cool but March 1st we are going to be testing the TiLITE Aeroz  this is a big purchase and we want to get Ashley the best one.

If anyone has any thoughts on wheels chairs please share.


Cary said...

Awesome! We too are in the process of getting Ben his first wheelchair. And yep, I'm excited about it too. We tried one out a few weeks ago and he was just so thrilled with it, I couldn't feel anything but joy in that moment.

I hope you get some comments about how to actually CHOOSE the right one. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment...

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Love the face she is making in the first picture! Kinda looks like she is saying, "come on mommmmm!!!"

Clara said...

I worked for Motion Specialties before and I have seen lots of children come in do fitting wheelchair, may you can check with them also.

BusyLizzyMom said...

We have the TiLite and it is pretty light for Elizabeth to propel. It does not fold so it may be difficult for fitting in a small car. I find the handles are at a funny spot but for one handed pushing it is easy. It comes in cool colours too.
It is a big decision but it is nice to have something for day trips.
Good luck.