Saturday, 10 July 2010


I can't believe the week is going by so quickly.   We spent time with some good friends that live in Moncton and we only get to see about once a year.

Kelsey and Damon

James and Brianna

We also visited the Dunes of Bouctuche a beautiful board walk and beach. 
We enjoyed lobster rolls by the sea and a walk on the board walk. 

The view around here.

Yesterday Ashley appeared to have mosquito bites or chicken poxes as well as the itchy spots on her wrist and legs her right eye started to swell. 

She was very itchy and uncomfortable. We took her to the clinic and we learned she has  a bad reaction to a bug bite. I believe she was bite on her wrist as  it blistered and fluid came out of it.  But spots started appearing all over her arms and legs.  The doctor told us she not sure what's up with the bugs this season but she has seem many kids come in this week with variations of this.  She was worried about Ashley due to her eye swelling.    She is on a strong antibiotic now and an oinment for her skin infection.    Taylor has a touch of this too but not nearly as bad a his sister.  

She was scratching this afternoon but at least she's not rubbing her eye.  I'm hoping for a fast recovery.


Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Poor thing!

Our oldest had severe reactions to mosquito bites when she was little. It would look like somebody had sliced an orange in half and slid it under the skin. We went through a lot of Benadryl when she was little! LOL

I hope Ashley and Taylor are both feeling better soon.

Junior said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Sure hope Ashley feels better in a hurry, no fun to itch

Melissa Miller said...

Poor kiddos. Two summers ago, there was an outbreak of duck fleas in the Geneva area. All the water near the shore could potentially leave your child itchy for days with lots of tiny flea bites. The pools were very popular that year.
Get well soon, Taylor and Ashley!

Michelle said...

Well, I wish this wasn't happening on your vacation...bleck! Hope things heal up quickly.