Sunday, 20 June 2010

Weekend photo story

This weekend by the lake playing with my new Sony Cybershot TX7.  Any mom would love this fun camera.  I took a number of  panoramic photo's and I was surprised to learn I can even post them on blogger.

Our little cottage at the lake

the boys couldn't wait to dive in ... 

once in the water they were happy for hours..

We eat dinner here looking out at the lake
 on all sides as we are on a point. 
 Then the boys beg us to play monoploy. 

Ashley hang out here with Taylor while I was cleaning all around.
How do you like the authentic wall to wall flooring?
Do you want to see the panoramic picture of the inside too?  It's not as pretty as the lake.

Lunch at Balsam Lake

Taylor liked it all

Daddy closing up till next weekend in the sun. 


Heather said...

Hey Sherry,
My parents live in Fenelon Falls on Sturgeon Lake...we should meet up when we are both in Lake country!

Looks like fun!

CC said...

This looks wonderful!!!!! I would love to go visit there!

Unknown said...

Wow,That's beautiful.

Colleen said...

Beautiful photos! You are so lucky to have that to enjoy in the summer!

Sarah said...

I love it Sherry, looks like great times. See you tomorrow!

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...