Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Schools out!

What a year!
here's a look back
the first day of school this year for the boys

and my girl

 They had the very best teachers which is making me a little sad to see the year end.

 James really matured this year he's grown in so many ways.   His Teacher Mr U was great for him very soft spoken and lots of patients.  I just hope next year James will have a teacher with as much experience. He is off to grade 5 this fall.  He is growing up too fast isn't he.

My Damon he was very lucky to have a super sweet teacher she loves her students so much and oozes with excitement about all the things she is teaching in the classroom.   Her excitement about writing even helped Damon to progress in writing his weakness for sure but he still managed to shine with an appreciation alert for a great piece he wrote.  He learned so much from Ms B this year math science and arts in which he  excels and he made his mama so proud.    I hope all his teachers will be as sweet and caring as this amazing lady is.  Maybe one day Ashley or Taylor will be lucky enough to be in Ms B's class.

My girl I could just go on and on about her team of Mrs G and Mrs L I love them. They have allowed my girl to shine, accepted her and enabled her to make friends, learn and grow just like all the other kids in kindergarden she didn't miss out on anything this year. Ashley finished up today I know she will miss school the next two months I'll try my best to keep her days busy but we will be looking forward to returning to Mrs G class this fall that is for sure. I'm still hoping the school board will change their minds and let Mrs L stay and work with Ashley next year but it's not looking like that is going to happen right now.  Mrs L you will be missed by my girl and her mama that is for sure. 

I can't believe the year is over.  I'm not going to miss the morning routine and getting everyone out the door in a timely manner. I have to admit managing 4 can be challenging for me in the mornings we had our fair share of late stamps on my kids agendas.   Let's hope next year there will be less of these. 

The next two months is going to be packed with fun and lots of FAMILY Time.


Michelle said...

Sweet! Love the last pic!

Anonymous said...

What a great last pic! Happy Summer!!

BusyLizzyMom said...

I am sure you will savour the summer mornings. I can't even imagine how busy your mornings are with your clan.
Wishing you a great summer.