Friday, 26 June 2009

Schools out and the summer has begun

It's been very busy around my house lately so I've neglected my blog due to lack of time. I'm so proud of my oldest two boys completing grades 3 and grade 1. James was so thrilled when the last bell finally rang he was running around the schoolyard in total delight. It was nice to see him and his brother so excited for the summer.

We also had a great visit from my nephew Blake this week. The three boys had lots of fun together all sleeping together in Damon's room and traveling back to Ottawa with my parents yesterday. Today was the boys first day of Vacation and they spent it swimming in my mom's pool this morning, out for lunch, and then watched the movie UP this afternoon. Doesn't that sound like tons of fun. I'm jealous. Tomorrow they are heading out to the east coast with my parents.

Unfortunately Ashley was sick this week with another ear infection but we caught it right away and started her on antibiotics monday morning. She appears well today with the exception of a runny nose. Even more scary Taylor had a running nose and fever come wednesday i was concerned as he is so young and bad thoughts of RSV ran through my head right away but he clearly he had no signs of respiratory distress and managed to even breast feed problem free. I'm happy to report he's better now just 2 days later.

I even enjoyed a night out on the town last monday Taylor in tow. I had dinner with six of my former co-workers. Most of us are approaching 40 (scary eh) and boy do we lead different lives it was fun hearing everyones stories. Clearly I don't get out much compared to my friends I guess 4 kids will cause that effect but i won't change anything being mom to 4 is the best job in the world and really is fun believe it or not.

Here's a few pics from the week
Ashley exploring her house now that she's moving about. It's so exciting to find her at the front door.

Taylor enjoying some toys

James loves his brother... it's so much fun to have a baby in the house

My kids with their cousin

Breakfast for the last day of school

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