Thursday, 26 June 2008

Can it get any busier

June is coming to a close and this month must have been one of the busiest I can remember for appointments, therapy sessions, and events. I felt overwhelmed a number of times I have to admit. It went something like this. A whopping 26 appointments this month alone
  • 10 for physiotherapy (CME therapy)
  • 4 for Augmentative communication,
  • 4 for play therapy
  • 2 for occupational therapy
  • 2 dietitian and feeding therapist
  • 1 Early intervention & 2 with potential new nursery school
  • 1 SPOC (Single plan of care meeting) basically a team meeting with all therapists, case manager and service co-ordinator.
  • 2 medical appointments

Not to mention we also attended a graduation, wedding, parent conference and parent advisory council for the Children Treatment Network. We reduced Ashley's (tube feed) calories and convinced her to do some eating and drinking. Ashley also progressed with her toilet training routine and manages most #2 and a few #1 on the potty! And I never forgot about the boys.

Ashley was a real sport to get through all this. Next month I'm setting more time aside to breathe before potentially starting back to work again in August.

Super Mom

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Melissa Miller said...

I was thinking of doing a post about the girls' receiving their 21st birthday party invitation of the year and how I literally tried to outrun the little boy chasing us with the invitation. In jest, of course.

Thanks for the reality check! I hope you get a chance to slow down over the summer. Can't wait to see you!